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Here are the This World stories from the Middle East, sorted by date, from January 2004.

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Photojournalist Zahra Kazemi's sudden death in Iran is still shrouded in mystery.

Freed after 18 years, former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu gives his first television interview.

After a spate of terror attacks, pressure for reform in Saudi Arabia intensifies.


The This World team gain unprecedented, unrestricted access inside two of Israel's highest security prisons.

Does Iran have a secret nuclear bomb programme? Paul Kenyon investigates.

From the perspective of extreme right-wing settlers, the story of the Israeli disengagement from settlements in the Gaza Strip.


The story of Mahmoud, a young boy struggling to make a living in Gaza's bloodiest hospital.

As Israel ends one war, This World asks if it is getting ready for what may be its next conflict... with Iran.

Filmed exclusively by an Iraqi doctor, This World reveals the terrible conditions of a civilian emergency room in Baghdad.

Inside an Iranian kidney donor clinic, where the poor and desperate come to sell an organ in the hope of funding a better life.


Around 8.4 million children are enslaved today. Now, five of them tell their stories.

Examining claims that Hezbollah are back and gearing up for war.


This World tells the story of four Iraqi boys at school in one of the most dangerous cities on earth, Baghdad.

This World tells the story of a female Iranian racing car champion and examines the complex reality of women's lives in Iran.

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