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This Week: Agnes Poirier, Quentin Letts and Will Self

Alan Johnson
Can Alan keep #shirtwatch trending without his usual sofa mate?

We are playing Mr and Mrs tonight - and have a new couple on the sofa.

Forget Michael and Diane, we will have Alan Johnson and Louise Mensch tonight - and Charles Kennedy is due to pop in and join them.

The French journalist and political commentator Agnes Poirier will wave a tricolour as she looks at the consequences of the election of Francois Hollande in France, and what that could mean for Europe and the UK.

Quentin Letts is getting mucky again - this time with the horses as he will give a round-up of the Queen's Speech week and the aftermath of last week's elections.

And we will round off with writer and broadcaster Will Self looking at stigma, as we talk about gay marriage and child sex grooming.

Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo
No Michael tonight - but look who is joining him next Thursday.

And we were only joking when we said forget Michael and Diane - they are both on the sofa next Thursday night.

We are here after Question Time at 11.35pm in most areas - or 30 minutes later in Wales and Northern Ireland. If that's too late, catch us on BBC Parliament on Friday at 18:00 or later on the BBC iPlayer.

If that's too late, catch us on BBC Parliament on Friday at 18:00 or later on the BBC iPlayer.

Why not come and Twitter with us on our site. Or see what viewers think of the latest This Week show - or send in your own thoughts, just keep them clean!

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