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Last Updated: Friday, 7 July 2006, 11:48 GMT 12:48 UK
July 6th
Jane Moore on BBC One's This Week
Oh, I see. So it's the media's fault that John Prescott chose to holiday with a casino boss he barely knows who just happens to own that other waste of space, the Millennium Dome.
Jane Moore
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2339 With that casino issue that won't go away, Andrew is joined by the Queen of Hearts and the Jack of Clubs of political discourse: Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo, who bring us their Moments of the political week.

2342 Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the London bombings and we've already had some vivid reminders of that terror and tragedy this week. On Monday, the head of the Met's Anti-Terrorist Branch warned that the intelligence picture surrounding the current terror threat is "very, very concerning". On Tuesday, Tony Blair urged British Muslims to do more to combat Islamist extremism, after a poll suggested that more than 1 in 10 regards the London bombers as martyrs. Today brought a videotaped message from the grave, made by one of the July 7 suicide bombers himself, claiming the events of last year were only the beginning of more attacks to come. Well, what IS the level of threat? And what are the responsibilities of the government and of British Muslims themselves in tackling terror? We turned to a young British Muslim, the first ever Muslim Miss England, Hammasa Kohistani, for her Take Of The Week.

BBC One's This Week

2355 For once, this week hasn't been dominated by speculation about when Tony Blair will "end it like Beckham". "End it", that is, by standing down as captain of the team. Instead, we've been treated to the small matter of John Prescott, the Eagle's Nest, the Dome, an inquiry and rumours of further affairs. For the highs and lows. of the political week, we asked novelist and Sun columnist, Jane Moore to present our Round Up.

0010 This week, the Tories flew in Jack E, a DJ from St Tropez, to spin discs for them at their summer fundraising party. But can David Cameron convince us that it's cool to be Conservative? In fact, can any politician convince us that they're in touch with anything cooler than a warmed-up old policy debate? This week we put the politics of "cool" in the Spotlight with the help of Tony Christie, and Andrew subjects everyone in the studio to a Cool Quiz: can you do better? Find out below, and see you next week!

Who thinks the Tories should be more like the US punk band The Ramones?
  A: Ken Clarke
  B: David Cameron
  C: Alan Duncan
Who got to Number One singing about the Montagues and the Capulets?
  A: The Arctic Monkeys
  B: Basement Jaxx
  C: Dire Straits
Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about?
  A: Mister Tibbs
  B: Shaft
  C: Top Cat
Which terminally uncool TV host decides what will go on the Cool Wall?
  A: Noel Edmonds
  B: Patrick Kielty
  C: Jeremy Clarkson
How did David Dimbleby describe tonight's schools edition of Question Time, which includes a student on the panel?
  A: "It's really going to be happening."
  B: "It should be a great scene."
  C: "It will flip your wig."

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