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Last Updated: Sunday, 27 January 2008, 21:38 GMT
Tax and the Tories
David Cameron
Should David Cameron take a bolder stance on tax and spending?

How bold should the Conservatives be?

Should they be taking far more advantage of the Prime Minister's current woes?

An alliance of Tory supporters is demanding that David Cameron should ditch his economic policy of matching Labour's public spending increases until 2011.

In an interview in the Times last week Mr Cameron said he was being "very careful" because of the way that any ditching of the plans would be perceived and represented by his political opponents.

He said "if you say anything else that strange man in Downing Street will cook up an enormous package of Tory spending cuts. It is complete and utter fiction. I have seen it done before and I have learnt a thing or two in the last few years".

His comments haven't stopped the debate within the party.

It's being called the hares versus the tortoises: those who want to go faster with a bold agenda up against those who urge a more cautious, reassuring approach.

Daniel Finkelstein
Former Tory adviser Danny Finkelstein

The former Conservative adviser Daniel Finkelstein from the Times advocates the tortoise argument.

Iain Martin from the Telegraph favours the hare.

Iain Martin explained why some Conservatives were feeling frustated at the current approach.

Discussion between Danny Finkelstein and Iain Martin

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