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Last Updated: Sunday, 29 April 2007, 19:34 GMT 20:34 UK
Foreign Studies

Lynton Crosby
The Australian, Lynton Crosby, helped the Tories in the 2005 election

In the first of a new two-part series, Ann Treneman, Parliamentary sketch writer for The Times, examines how recent UK general election campaigns have been influenced by the ideas of political strategists from abroad.

In the first of her "Foreign Studies" she recalls what happened when the Conservatives imported from Australia one of that country's top election campaigners.

In part two, a love story. How Labour became smitten with the American Democratic Party following yet another defeat at the hands of the Conservatives in 1992. Anne Treneman explains how Labour turned in desperation to America for help in the dark days of Opposition.

Foreign Studies
Part One

Foreign Studies
Part Two

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