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Last Updated: Monday, 21 March, 2005, 12:16 GMT
The Week According To...

Kevin Maguire
Kevin Maguire recording the Week According To ....

In a four part series for The Westminster Hour in February and March 2005, the political commentators Michael Brown of The Independent and Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror cast an eye over the political events of the week gone by.

Part 1 - Sunday 27 February

What does John Major think of cricket under Labour? The scandalous incident of the politician and an illegal cigarette. And Michael Heseltine explains how to praise a book without actually having read it.

All is revealed by the former Tory MP turned commentator for the Independent, Michael Brown in his Westminster diary, which he starts as a groupie in a recording studio.

Part 2 - Sunday 6 March

Why did Michael Howard run away from a battered prawn? What befell Neil Kinnock's daffodil? How does Big Ben run on just 20 pence?

Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror, takes a climb of more than thirty-nine steps to find out.

Part 3 - Sunday 13 March

Why was Tony Blair ambushed by a tray of milk chocolate? What book launch could get Graham Norton and Mohammed al-Fayed into the same room? And Michael Howard escapes - again.

All is revealed in the Westminster diary of Michael Brown of the Independent.

Part 4 - Sunday 20 March

Where is Lady Thatcher still queen? Why the Transport Secretary should learn his green cross code. A driving offence is committed in Downing Street. The MP who thinks Guinness is good for children. And will Michael Howard escape the microphone yet again?

All is revealed in this week's Westminster diary by Kevin Maguire of the Mirror.

The week according to ....
27 February 2005

The week according to Kevin Maguire
6 March 2005

The week according to Michael Brown
13 March 2005

The week according to Kevin Maguire
20 March 2005


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