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The State Were In Tuesday, 8 April, 2003, 18:19 GMT 19:19 UK
Meet the team

Rani - Fame hungry
Anita Rani
Anita has been a fame-hungry media backstabber for as long as she can remember.

From the tender age of 15 she presented and produced both the breakfast and the drive-time show on Bradford's Sunrise Radio, however she felt her calling was in London.

And she found it in Victoria Park under a bench.

Anita always seems to work on shows with unusual titles. These include The Dogs Balearics and Get Your Hits Out. She soon hopes to work on her own shows - Sex, Drugs and Sausage Roll and You Fat Bra-stud.

She's no stranger to the "newsy" side of things too - you might see her pop up on Channel Five news... unless, of course, you live in the areas of the UK that are still wondering why that nice man came round to retune their video.

Anita's big break came at the beginning of 2002 when she was spotted by Channel Five and teamed with Sam Delaney to front the news and entertainment programme The Edit.

She also covered Party in the Park, writes and presents The Smash Hits Chart and now joins us to co-host The State We're In.

So she's as fresh and new as tomorrow's milk.

But less good for making tea with.

Oliver - Sorry
John Oliver
John Oliver is primarily a stand-up comedian who has been engaging, and then disappointing, audiences around the country for the last few years.

And now here he is, both on Digital TV, and on a web-site that you've happened upon after mis-typing something.

As a six-year-old, he became a tap dancer for an afternoon, by sellotaping 10p pieces to the bottom of his slippers and heading for the patio.

He views the world with a mixture of suspicion and panic. He likes football, personal space and privacy.

He's sorry.

Holmes - Still alive
Jon Holmes
Each week Jon Holmes goes outside to risk his cheap, inconsequential life for The State We're In.

In this series:

Thrill! As he gets beaten up by the SAS.

Cry! As he throws a bear at a nuclear power station.

And Unfurl! When he deliberately annoys the Albanian Mafia from an open-top bus.

At time of writing, he is still alive. Jon is the double Gold Sony-Award-winning writer/comedian who was "removed" from his own Virgin Radio Show, following record taste and decency fines for a phone-in game called "Swearing Radio Hangman for The Under 12s".

He co-hosted the last series of Channel 4's The 11 O'clock Show and is sorry about that.

He can also be heard on Radio 4's The Now Show and The 99p Challenge and is a Programme Consultant on V Graham Norton.

He is one of the brains behind Dead Ringers (Radio 4/BBC2) for which he won a British Comedy Award.

Ince - No BAFTA
Robin Ince
Robin Ince is far luckier than you because he has been on television sitting next to Vanessa Mae, David Icke and Michael Praed (TV's Robin The Hooded Man) as well as many others.

Robin is the UK's best John Peel impersonator, but is unable to do anyone else so is not allowed to have his own one-off Christmas variety special.

He is in a Radio 4 show called The In Crowd and a thing called The Pilot Show on E4 which will include footage of him re-enacting the death of Michael Hutchence in front of Bonnie Langford.

He was in The Office for 2 minutes and 12 seconds but does not have a BAFTA.

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The State We're In is on BBC Three, Tuesdays at 11.30pm and is repeated throughout the week

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