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Meet the Daily Politics team

David Thompson
David is seen on the Daily Politics and the Politics Show

David Thompson was born in Hackney but moved to Glasgow when he was a few months old - perhaps someone should buy him a pearly kilt !

He went to Whitehill Secondary School - most famous 'old boy' Lulu - and then onto Dundee University, where he completed an MA Hons in English and Political Science.

David has been a reporter for more than 20 years, starting the traditional way, in local papers, firstly on the Enfield Advertiser, moving to the Aldershot News, then evening titles in Middlesbrough and Edinburgh.

He spent a year freelancing in Fleet Street before working on Scotland's national tabloid newspaper, the Daily Record in Glasgow.

He became the paper's Lobby Correspondent in 1997, where he spent four happy years. David helped launch Business AM as its Westminster and Economics Editor, before joining the BBC's Politics Show in 2003.

Since then, he has worked as a network BBC Political Correspondent and reported on politics from the US and Europe for the Politics Show.

Political reporting is his passion as well as his day job, but, as a result of his time in Aldershot - home of the British Army - is also interested in defence issues. David has filed stories from the Straits of Hormuz, Kosovo, Hong Kong and South Armagh.

When not appearing in front of camera, David loves Celtic, fly-fishing, cooking and QPR - in roughly that order.

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