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Meet the Daily Politics team

Adam Fleming
He was once the 'new John Craven'

Adam Fleming was born in Glasgow in 1980. He caught the reporting bug when he worked in local commercial radio in Oxford during his Geography degree.

He then studied at the School of Journalism at City University in London, where he was sponsored by the BBC.

A cameraman spotted him on a training course and recommended him to the editor of the children's news programme Newsround, where he got his first proper job.

As the new John Craven he reported on every subject under the sun.

He was live in Downing Street on the day Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. He has visited refugee camps on the Sudanese border and interviewed computer games designers in Tokyo. He has hung out with Will Smith and Beyonce, abseiled down waterfalls and done indoor sky-diving. He has eaten a LOT of school dinners.

Westminster to Manchester

His favourite ever assignment was reporting on the US Presidential election where he travelled across the States for ten days, then joined the crowds partying outside the White House on November 4th. He presented live when Barack Obama was sworn in.

Adam earned his spurs as a political reporter during a stint at the BBC's Westminster newsroom in 2008. He has also worked in Manchester as the North of England reporter for BBC News, presented 60 Seconds on BBC3 and has reported for BBC Breakfast.

In his spare time Adam loves running and is addicted to Scrabble (highest score - 423).

Adam went back to Glasgow in his first week on the Daily Politics

The word on the streets of Glasgow

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