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The Weekly Politics: December 13-17

A lookback over the highlights of the week on the Daily Politics with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand, Giles Dilnot and Jo Coburn.

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David Cameron

Quentin Letts reviews 2010 for the Conservatives as the party moved from opposition to government with David Cameron becoming PM at the head of a coalition government.

Ed Miliband

Quentin Letts reviews 2010 for Labour which ended the year in Opposition with a new leader after Gordon Brown lost the general election and stepped down as party leader.

Nick Clegg

Quentin Letts reviews 2010 for the Liberal Democrats with the party ending up as a member of the coalition government and Nick Clegg as the deputy PM.


Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg said the coalition government would 'hardwire' fairness into Britain's DNA, but with major cuts looming for public spending, can the Government make it easier for people to get on in life?

Bob Ainsworth

Former minister Bob Ainsworth, who previously had responsibility for drugs policy, claims he would resign if he was still a minister to develop his ideas on legalising drugs.

Bob Ainsworth

Former Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth speaks out against anonymous briefings about himself during his time in the Cabinet and his new comments about drugs.

Kenny Gibson from the SNP

The SNP's Kenny Gibson is challenged over the charging of students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland - but not the rest of the EU - at Scottish universities.

Peter Bone

Tory MP Peter Bone said there was "no wonder" Scotland can give free tuition to its students as its education was better funded than England.

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson, editor of the Lady, riles two Scotsmen with her comments about the risk being pelted by haggis in Biggar on an upcoming visit.


Falklands flag

Former Guardian editor Peter Preston thinks we need a bit of political bravery and admit we can no longer fund the Falkland Islands.

Peter Preston

Former Guardian editor Peter Preston admits he struggles to win over support for his idea to rethink UK policy on the Falklands.

Rachel Halvorsen

The High Speed (HS2) plans for a faster rail link between London and Birmingham risks alienating Conservatives who live along the route of the proposed line through the Chilterns and south Midlands. Rachel Halvorsen, a councillor from Northamptonshire whose farm is on the proposed route, tells transport minister Theresa Villiers why she could leave the party.

Theresa Villiers

Transport minister Theresa Villiers is repeatedly asked by Andrew Neil if the Conservatives have a Plan B for the economy.

Ed Balls

Andrew Neil offers Ed Balls the chance to try and follow up on Ed Miliband reaching out to the Lib Dems, but the coalition member does not seem impressed.

Nick Robinson

Ed Balls and Theresa Villiers review the last PMQs of 2010 with the BBC's Nick Robinson, Anita Anand and Andrew Neil.


John Reid

Former Home Secretary and Defence Secretary John Reid claims new Labour leader Ed Miliband "does not understand new Labour".

John Reid

Lord Reid explains why he resisted the calls to challenge Gordon Brown as prime minister and left government and did not criticise the party leader.

Sir Menzies Campbell

The Coalition has had to compromise in recent weeks over Control Orders on which the PM is reported to think the Government could be heading for "a car crash".

Silvio Berlusconi

Adam Fleming tests how well shoppers know the reputation of Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi.


Margaret Hodge

Margaret Hodge, chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) - used to build hospital and schools - had offered "pretty questionable value for money".

Bag of chips

The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) saw big firms build and maintain public buildings and contractors charging £1,000 to install a TV aerial.

Grant Shapps

Housing Minister Grant Shapps explains the changing rules for the letting of council houses and why it needed reform.


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