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The Weekly Politics: June 8 to 12

Anita Anand and Andrew Neil

A lookback over the highlights of the last week on the Daily Politics - with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand and Jo Coburn.


Hazel Blears

Former Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has given her first televised interview since leaving the Cabinet when she spoke to Manchester's Channel M and said she had several regrets over her actions.

House of Commons

Gordon Brown has suggested voters may get the power to 'recall' their MP? But what does that mean? Giles Dilnot explains how it works in the US, and how British voters could force by-elections on unpopular and disgraced MPs.

Moustache graphic

The appointment of Bob Ainsworth as new Defence Secretary, marks the first sighting of a cabinet minister with a moustache for 40 years - Peter Mandelson, Stephen Byers and Geoff Hoon, all did have one but all shaved them off before taking up their jobs.

Rod Richards

Some 300 MPs could be looking for a new job after the General Election. After a reminder of the last big clear-out of Westminster politicians, former Tory MP Rod Richard explains his search for work.

Top of the Political Pops graphic

A musical rundown of the biggest political stories of the week up to June 12 - as read on the BBC news website - are revealed in the Daily Politics' Top of the Political Pops with Giles Dilnot.


Jonathan Baume

Jonathan Baume, head of the FDA union for senior public servants, gives the view of the workers to the ever-growing Lord Mandelson empire.

Lord Mandelson

Peter Mandelson has been known by many names, but his latest list of titles comes amid grumblings within Whitehall over yet another bout of re-organisation.

Robert Chote

Robert Chote, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, talks through the Tory and Labour spending plans - before former LibDem leader Paddy Ashdown offers his thoughts.

Philip Hammond

Shadow Treasury Chief Secretary Philip Hammond was asked if his party's health spokesman Andrew Lansley had caused trouble for the Tories after he spoke about spending and cuts.

Clive Betts MP

Labour MP Clive Betts explains why he thinks the system for choosing the winner in Westminster political races should stay the same.

Paddy Ashdown

Lord Ashdown from the Liberal Democrats debates the ideas in Clive Betts' film about PR, as well as the voting systems in other countries.

Anneka Rice

TV presenter Anneka Rice on how she gave up a high-earning job to raise a family as she examines the role of women, what they want, why they don't want to be like men and how the media portrays successful women.

Anneka Rice

Anneka Rice debates the ideas in her film about women in society with Tory MP Ann Widdecombe and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas.

nick robinson

The Daily Politics' analysis of Prime Minister's Questions. Andrew Neil and Anita Anand talk to Nick Robinson with MPs Ann Widdecombe and Phil Woolas.

Ann Widdcombe

Tory MP Ann Widdecombe tempts Immigration Minister Phil Woolas about her standing as Speaker, but he can't quite give her his support.

Angus Robertson

Ken Ritchie from the Electoral Reform Society gives a quick rundown on the alternative voting system, before the SNP's Angus Robertson debates voting systems with Tory MP Ann Widdecombe MP and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas.

A duck island

Giles Dilnot spoke to auctioneer Mark Stacey on how to make money, and the short shelf-life of items that have made the headlines.


Prime ministers

How does the onslaught on Gordon Brown compare to that suffered by previous residents of Number 10 Downing Street? Giles Dilnot looks back in the history books..

Anthony Howard

Political observer Anthony Howard recalls the fall of British prime ministers.He was in the studio with the Guardian's Polly Toynbee and the Sun's Trevor Kavanagh.

Tessa Jowell

Minister Tessa Jowell on Gordon Brown's leadership, plots to oust him, election results, and the first meeting of the reshuffled Cabinet.


William Hague

Former deputy leader of the Labour Party Roy Hattersley, shadow foreign secretary William Hague and Liberal Democrats home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne review the European Parliament results.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage on UKIP's success in the European elections.

Gordon Brown

Labour would lose a General Election with Gordon Brown or a new leader, a Daily Politics poll finds. Anita Anand presents the findings before Labour backbenchers, Kevin Barron and Mark Fisher, debate with Roy Hattersley.


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