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Page last updated at 11:02 GMT, Monday, 15 September 2008 12:02 UK

Daily Politics' Lib Dem poll

Nick CLegg
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On the day that Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg, announces his party's commitment to reducing taxes, an exclusive poll for Daily Politics has found that a majority of those expressing a view think they would actually increase taxes.

46 percent of those polled agreed that the Liberal Democrats would raise taxes, 35 percent disagreed, 18 percent did not know and 1 percent refused to answer.

The poll indicates nearly two thirds of the public would trust Labour or the Conservatives more than the Liberal Democrats to steer the economy through a recession, with only 22 percent believing the Liberal Democrats would be best placed to do so.

The results also suggest the public are evenly divided as to whether overall taxes should be reduced even if it means cutting back on public spending.

Asked whether top rate taxpayers should pay more tax than they do now 52 percent agreed while 44 percent disagreed.

- 1005 members of the public took part in the poll. Fieldwork was conducted between 12th and 14th September, 2008.

Full results:

1) A Liberal Democrat government would raise taxes

Agree 46%

Disagree 35%

2) Overall taxes should be reduced even if that means cutting back on public spending

Agree 48%

Disagree 47%

3) Top rate taxpayers should pay more tax than they do now

Agree 52%

Disagree 44%

4) I trust the Liberal Democrats to steer the economy through a recession more than either Labour or the Conservatives

Agree 22%

Disagree 64%

The poll was undertaken by ComRes on behalf of BBC2's Daily Politics programme.

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