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Last Updated: Monday, 18 April 2005, 13:54 GMT 14:54 UK
The Virtual Campaign: Satire And Apathy
alan connor
All The Links That Fit

Alan Connor gives a round-up of the links mentioned on The Daily Politics.

Hello, thanks for dropping by, and welcome to the list of websites mentioned in the most recent programme!

And as usual, the BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

First of all, we looked at some of the satirical and humorous sites that have been popping up. The animation you saw with the music of The Clash stomping away underneath is from a site called Spin On. Some of the rest of the content is quite scurrilous, though not as scurrilous as what you'll see at satirical weblogs like Bloggerheads and Order Order. There are more animations over at Eclectech, and the lookalike Tony Blair who ended the piece is waiting to take your instructions at a site from Make Votes Count, called Subservient Blair.

If you liked the look of the game where you sling mud around Westminster, that's actually from the team behind Newsbeat at Radio One. Also from the BBC site is the chance to have Peter Snow on your desktop.

Read Alan's election coverage at the Vote 2005 site

We also looked at some more serious sites. The 23-question quiz is at Who Should You Vote For?, and there's a more in-depth survey at Political Survey 2005.

The site which re-jigs the parliamentary record is called They Work For You, and other civic-minded sites include The Public Whip, Fax Your MP and Downing Street Says.

Finally, Not Apathetic has over 1,000 users explaining why they shan't be voting -- and still counting.

Happy surfing!

And remember, if you see anything interesting about the election online, or if you've got any emails you'd like to share with us, do email us at

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