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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 April, 2005, 23:21 GMT 00:21 UK
This week's panel
Question Time, the BBC's premier political programme, was in Birmingham on 14 April.

David Dimbleby was joined for the interactive debate by Ruth Kelly, Dr Liam Fox, Sir Menzies Campbell, the comedian David Baddiel and journalist Janet Daley.

Ruth Kelly MP

Title: Education Secretary

Career: Ruth Kelly was at the forefront of Labour's manifesto launch this week.

She was appointed education secretary in December 2004 when Charles Clarke moved to the Home Office following David Blunkett's resignation.

The youngest cabinet minister, Ruth Kelly has only been in parliament since 1997. She is a Catholic and says she receives spiritual support from Opus Dei.

Liam Fox MP

Title: Co-Chairman, Conservative Party

Career: Liam Fox works alongside Maurice Saatchi as co-chairman of the Conservative Party.

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Along with leader Michael Howard, Dr Fox is the public face of the Tory election campaign. He has been Mr Howard's leadership campaign manager and his parliamentary private secretary.

He was previously Shadow Health Secretary under William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith.

Sir Menzies Campbell MP

Title: Deputy Leader, Liberal Democrats

Career: Sir Menzies Campbell took over campaign duties while Charles Kennedy was on paternity leave.

He speaks on foreign affairs issues for the Liberal Democrats, and put himself forward as a candidate to succeed Betty Boothroyd as speaker of the House of Commons in Autumn 2000.

Prior to entering politics he was an athlete, and competed in the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.

David Baddiel

Title: Comedian and Writer

Career: The couch-based TV show Baddiel and Skinner was nominated for the Golden Rose award at the Montreux TV festival.

David Baddiel is also well known for productions such as Fantasy Football and The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

He has written two novels, and co-wrote the Euro '96 anthem Football's Coming Home. During the general election campaign he is writing for The Times.

Janet Daley

Title: Broadcaster and Journalist

Career: Janet Daley recently left the Daily Telegraph where she was a regular columnist and leader writer.

In the The Mail On Sunday last weekend Janet Daley said: "If this government is re-elected then Gordon Brown's version of Old Labour will shape your future".

For 10 years she was a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4's programme The Moral Maze. She grew up in New York and was a lecturer in philosophy before becoming a full-time journalist.

BBC One's Question Time is broadcast this week on Thursday at 2245 BST.


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