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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 November 2005, 23:45 GMT
QT audience panel gives its verdict
A representative panel of six members of the BBC One Question Time live studio audience give their reaction to the head-to head debate between the two Conservative Party leadership contenders, David Davis and David Cameron. Their views before the debate are given below along with a short video clip of their reaction afterwards.


Bob Culbert
I came as a David Davis supporter and I'm still a David Davis supporter

Bob Culbert, who lives in Lichfield, has been an active member of the Conservative party for around 30 years. Aged 60, he owns his own business in the transport industry.

He has been very impressed over the last few years by David Davis's visits to the Midlands to speak to the transport industry about business issues there, and believes Davis will continue to listen to Midlands businessmen in the future.

Bob wants a leader who has substance and is used to dealing with the front bench, which he rates as more important than being a flamboyant speaker. While David Cameron is "media-built spin", he says, David Davis is quietly assembling good policies.


Mona Kular
I think David Cameron has an energy and a vibrancy that we really need in the Conservative party right now

Mona Kular, aged 27, is a Conservative supporter although she is not a member of the party. She works as a doctor in Nottingham.

She initially supported Ken Clarke as he was her local MP. But she was caught by surprise when she saw David Cameron's speech at the party conference. She thought he was fantastic and showed a lot of charisma, so she started to follow him much more closely.

Mona has not paid as much attention to Davis, as she does not feel he has much to make him stand out. Cameron has what it takes to turn the party around, she believes.


Christine Jeffreys
The majority of the people in the Conservative Party who want to make it tick I think will be voting for David Davis. I certainly will

Christine Jeffreys, aged 74, is a retired school teacher living in Nottinghamshire. She has been a Conservative since 1944 and has been a councillor on parish and county councils for 42 years.

Originally, she supported Ken Clarke but now does not know who to choose between David Cameron and David Davis. She saw both of their speeches at the party conference but says that, truthfully, she was not impressed by either.

Christine hopes the Question Time programme will help her make up her mind, as she certainly would not want to waste her vote.


Katy Samways
David Davis did better than I expected but David Cameron would get my vote if I was going to vote Tory

Katy Samways, aged 29, is an English teacher at a school in Derby and has voted both Liberal Democrat and Labour in the past. She is undecided in her own politics and also on the question of David Cameron vs David Davis.

Katy believes both men come across quite well and are clearly up for the challenge. She likes Cameron because he is young, but thinks Davis is also appealing to many people because of his background.

She wants to hear how they both speak, as she believes that it is more important to hear politicians speaking directly to people, and also that it is so important, particularly for women, to vote in elections.


Hani Ratib
I was originally in favour of David Cameron but I think I may have been swayed slightly towards David Davis today

Hani Ratib, aged 28, is a marketing product analyst living in Nottingham, who votes Labour.

He feels David Cameron is very similar to Tony Blair. Cameron is "media-friendly", comes across impressively and would look good for the party, says Hani. He has not seen much of David Davis, who seems to him a very standard Conservative.

Hani is open-minded however and is hoping the Question Time programme will help make it clear what the differences are between the two.


Eddie Maile
I liked the way David Cameron tackled some global issues especially climate change and problems in Africa

Eddie Maile, an A-Level student aged 17, is a Liberal Democrat supporter.

He believes that David Cameron would be a good leader and is well connected with the voters, but that he does not have concrete policies. Cameron has gloss but not much substance, he says. But Eddie also says David Davis is too right-wing for him, and while he has marked out some policies, Eddie is not impressed by how he presents himself.

He would like to find out more about David Cameron and hear the two men pitted against each other, as he feels there is not enough real debate going on, only media coverage.

You can have your say on the debate or watch the programme at the Question Time website.

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