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Suggest a panellist

From Martin O'Neill to Geri Halliwell, Prince Charles to Chris Moyles, find out which guests you have suggested for the QT panel.

Let the Question Time team know who you would like to be included on the panel in future programmes - and why.

Your suggestions:

Jonathon Porritt, for his thoughtful, intelligent views on striving to save the only planet we have. Mark Collett of the British National Party for his refreshing and honest take on some of our country's problems. Melanie Phillips for her concise and thoughtful analysis on a wide range of topics.
Sue Kelly, Blackpool

I would love to see Malcolm Chisholm MSP (Minister for Communities, Scottish Executive) on Question Time (especially a programme coming from Scotland). I think it is very important to let Scotland press MSPs and other Scottish officials on Scottish issues.
Alistair, Glasgow

I would like to see more actual scientists on shows talking on scientific matters. All too often we get a politicised view of any and all scientific issues. When was the last time you saw a microbiologist asked questions about MRSA? Or a cell biologist asked about the lastest cancer news? Normally we get politicians who know little more than that last briefing note. (Yes, I am a scientist...)
David Briggs, London

Might I suggest that you consider someone from the "whistleblowing" charity Public Concern at Work as a panellist for a future programme. The trustees are from a wide range of backgrounds and would be worth including, but Guy Dehn, our national director, has overseen advice being given to thousands of people during our 12 years in existence. Concerned individuals come to PCaW from every walk of life.
Harry Templeton, Scotland/England

I think we should have the spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir, Dr Imran Waheed, to see what he has to say about the proposed banning of the group.
Mohammed Bashir, Nottingham

It would be so refreshing to hear anyone who has an opinion which opposes the liberal-left consensus which is currently suffocating Britain. The BBC offers us as much diversity of outlook as Soviet Russia did its citizens. Please replace one political correctoid each week with a Jared Taylor, a David Duke, a Noam Chomsky or even a David Icke.
Fenton Price, Milton Keynes

Why not have someone European on the panel and discuss something closer to home than the US?
Cazza, Paris

I think George Galloway should come on the show because people like him really put the other panellists on the spot.
Ismael Jasat, London

I would like to see the following people, who appear to value truth rather than spin, on the programme: David Shayler (ex MI5 whistleblower), MP Michael Meacher, award winning journalist John Pilger, American theologian and academic David Ray Griffin, former sports journalist and truth seeker David Icke.
S Williams, Morecambe

Stephen Hawking. Because he is really smart and a flashy geezer
Linton Gillespie, Livingston

I think Richard Branson should be on the panel. He is a realist and understands the issues. He is honest and is closer to the general public than most of the other panellists you have on the programme. I believe that if Branson were to stand for PM, given that he understands how to run a business, and running the country is the same as running a business, he would get elected and this country would benefit greatly from his leadership.
Spencer Cleary, Andover

I would love to see David Beckham on the show. This would get younger people interested in politics, and he always says exactly what he thinks is right. Plus he's a hero which helps. Also a London cabbie would be good. They always have an opinion on everything and of course, they KNOW they're always right!
Phil Cash, Sleaford

Why not pick a member of the audience on the day of the programme? I think it would make for good viewing to hear the thoughts and views of the ordinary person on the street who is not pre-programmed with "government speak" and who will possibly answer the question rather than speaking round it.
Brenda Pritchard, Ealing, London

Despite not being represented in the UK Parliament, the BBC still broadcast to the Isle of Man so it might be interesting to record an edition of Question Time on the Isle of Man and redress the balance. We have our own system of Government on the Isle of Man but our politicians are never properly challenged on any of the issues that arise here. There's no party political system either so no-one's obliged to tow the party line. It would be different!
Rob Faragher, Ramsey, Isle of Man

Richard Brook should definitely appear as the issue of mental health is soon to be in the media limelight and, as chief executive of the Mind charity he would be able to put a strong point across and get the understated message of mental health problems publicised.
Charlie Marriage, London

A selection of the BBC Governors (best of) and have them answer questions about the BBC, seeing as they represent the licence payers. May make things more accountable and people will feel they have a say in running the BBC. Could generate lots of useful electronic feedback.
Marko Tusar, London

The journalist Ann Leslie from the Daily Mail as she seems very experienced having travelled and reported from around the world, particularly the Middle East. Also she can look at situations from a woman's point of view.
Maureen Hall, Blackpool

Noam Chomsky. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most important intellectual alive.
William van Zwanenberg, London

Sir John Stevens, K.St.J,QPM, DL, LL.D, Hon DCL, M.Phil, CIMgt, FRSA. Because he talks COMMON SENSE and has a brain. Qualities sadly lacking in many recent panellists!
Peter Harris, Newton-le-Willows

Arthur Scargill: he is an intelligent man who says what he thinks and stands up for what he believes
Danny Holz, Wrexham

The Guardian columnist Faisal Bodi would bring an authentic Muslim voice to your programme. He comes across as a passionate and articulate spokesman for the disaffected in the community. The Muslim panellists who have appeared on recent programmes have been completely out of sync with grassroots opinions on the London bombings.
Saghir Hussein, London

MPs are on Question Time all the time. When do we ever see members of the Youth Parliament on Question Time? Never - young people are ignored and our opinions not valued. I would like to see a political activist under the age of 18 or member of the Youth Parliament on the programme to give the opinions of the youth people they represent.
Michael Joslin, London

Nick Griffin, because we hear something about Muslims almost every day, and I want to hear my views represented for a change!
Gareth Thompson, Morecambe

Anna Scher - peace activist and drama teacher. Has good strong moral opinions and would be good at debating all issues.
Cassie Robinson, London

Leicestershire's finest - Gary Lineker
Emma, Leicestershire

I think Kate Winslet should be on the panel. Leaving her questionable political knowledge aside, she speaks beautifully and would be most pleasurable to watch for an hour.
Robbie, Derby

I have two suggestions for guests. The first is Nasser Hussain: we don't see many sports personalities on political shows, and seeing as he was dropped in a particularly fine political mess over playing in Zimbabwe he might be a good guest. Also, for totally different reasons, Terry Pratchett. With his dry wit and obvious talent with guarded political parodies and grasp of language he would be very entertaining to see debating!
William Humphries, London

How about that Rabbi that does Thought For The Day on the Today programme? I'm not Jewish but he has a wonderful insight.
Mark Chivers, Bicester

Alastair Campbell is intelligent and witty - he is a must!
Matt Forde, Nottingham

Sir Robert May, President of the Royal Society - an incredibly educated and witty speaker, able to encapsulate arguments on climate change and other areas with scientific element, also not afraid to speak his mind about politics.
John Fellowes, Kingston upon Thames

It would be nice to see more younger people on the panel. We are, after all, the future...
Ian J Hampton, Torquay

Alastair Campbell. He would be entertaining and I think he would genuinely surprise people if he were allowed a platform for his own opinions. Also, it is always interesting seeing people more used to being on the other side of the camera out in the open. Campbell is intelligent and witty - he is a must!
Matt Forde, Nottingham

My suggestion would have to be Damon Rose from the BBC Ouch website. He would be brilliant at speaking his mind on all disability issues and current affairs. His columns on the website are very well thought out and understandable.
Katie Fraser, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

I would like to see more representation of the more radical parties of Britain on the panel of Question Time. I think that we hear enough already from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. Organisations such as the Socialist Party and the BNP should be represented at some time during the series. Although few may agree with their views, it is important that the voter knows what these parties stand for.
Charles Reid, Catcott, Somerset

Neil Wragg, the chief executive of Youth at Risk. Neil has worked tirelessly to make a difference not only with young people but with their families and the communities in which they live. Neil is an articulate speaker able to give a unique insight into youth issues. He offers a radical approach to supporting young adults to take responsibility for their lives.
Steve Martin, Grantham

Yoweri Museveni - president of Uganda - this man answers the questions asked of him. Which other politician does so?
Tony Cassidy, Glasgow

I would like to see Norman Brennan from the Victims of Crime Trust on the panel to open the debate about the imbalance in treatment between people who commit crimes and their victims, the folly of the over-PC world and "touchy feely" approach to sentencing and lack of any deterrent against crime in society.
David Neal, Uxbridge, Middlesex

Bob Geldof, Bono or Richard Curtis as they're the highest profile people of the Make Poverty History campaign and the G8 summit and Live 8 are both coming up.
Steven, Manchester

I think you should have someone from the British Youth Council. Young people are hugely under-represented in decision making
Alexandra Baker, Birmingham

I would suggest Mark Serwotka (PCS General Secretary). The trade unions - especially those led by the "awkward squad" - have been far more effective in campaigning against New Labour's policies than the official opposition. Witness Tony Blair's retreat on pensions when faced with industrial action on the part of up to 5 million public sector workers. Let's hear the alternative views of those who represent the interests of millions of ordinary working people in contrast with the indistinguishable politics of the "men in suits".
Tom Taylor, London

I think you should have someone from the British Youth Council. Young people are hugely under-represented in decision making, and are attacked as anti-social with measures such as Asbos, dispersal orders, and banning "hoodies". Young people's elected representatives should be heard.
Alexandra Baker, Birmingham

George Soros. He's spent a lot of time thinking, and a lot of time observing, and I think his is a unique perspective.
Hugh Parker, Birmingham

More correspondents from the foreign press please - they speak far more sense than our own and it might help us to avoid the shameful dumbing-down of politics that the tabloids seem to be so insistent upon.
Dean Gargano, London

I would suggest Roger Waters. Since leaving Pink Floyd Roger has written mainly politically based concept albums full of worldwide social commentary and I would be interested to hear his views on world issues affecting countries such as Africa, Iraq and the growing terrorist threat from the likes of North Korea.
Colin Morrison, Irvine

I think that Anne Robinson would be an ideal candidate to include on the panel, mainly because she holds quite strong views on various subjects and/or issues, and above all, she knows how to answer a question that is put to her. I would be very keen to see how she reacted to being surrounded by politicians during the programme.
Stephen, Birmingham

Get some heavy-weight MPs. This programme is getting more and more like a panel game instead of a serious debating programme.
Brian, Birmingham

Alan Bennett would be an asset on any panel. Much of the ridiculousness in British - and particularly English - politics, customs and attitudes is satirised by Bennett. I'm sure he'd love interacting with the politicians and celebs - many of whom aren't dissimilar to his mysterious and dour Talking Heads!
Jessica Cunniffe, Exeter

Michael Portillo. I met him last Sunday and was very impressed with not only what he had to say, but the fact that he is clearly a good listener - something not all people are good at. What a pity he is no longer in politics.
Michael Newbold, Shoreham-by-Sea, UK

Sir Peter Hall, brilliant on "This Week" recently. Speaks a lot of common sense about Europe.
Peter Harris, Newton-le-Willows

I think it would be interesting to hear what David Dimbleby thinks about the politics of the day for once
John Miles, Slough

Why not have a local magistrate on wherever Question Time is broadcast from. These are the people that have impartiality. This would also save looking for a partisan, or an otherwise politically interested, member.
John Miles, Slough

I think it would be interesting to hear what David Dimbleby thinks about the politics of the day for once. Let a guest, such as Angus Deyton, host the show for once.
Jim Gardner, Stockton on Tees

Ian Paisley - very good speaker. A much more pleasant person than the press give him credit for. He would be an asset on any programme.
Stephen James, Epsom

Andrew Marr - because he makes more sense (of complex issues) than anyone else on the TV (or radio).
Peter Woodhart, Axminster

Anna Scher, who has been an inspiration to hundreds of children and young adults who attended her drama classes, many of whom have now become household names. She has been one of the most proactive advocates of world peace - running workshops not only in her former theatre in Islington, but in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Rwanda. Her opinions concerning the political, social and cultural issues of today would be of great value and interest. Her voice needs to be heard!
Benjie Guy, London

Neil Young - he's political when he wants to be but is as independent of thought as anyone. He has a lot to say on the issue of disability and farming as well.
Daniel Lee, Southend on Sea

Gerrard Houllier, who is very well respected in the United Kingdom, and a former teacher in England. He could give a balanced argument on the current state of European politics. He is also a sporting legend and has come out in favour of London getting the Olympic games.
Allan Hore, Liverpool

John Prescott, to answer questions about why he wants to demolish 400,000 perfectly good homes and disperse over 100 communities in the North of England and exactly how he thinks that will regenerate these areas.
G Parry, Liverpool

More people who are prepared to tell it how it is, intelligently (eg Melanie Phillips, Peter Hitchens); and on a longer programme or smaller panel, giving them time to develop their arguments properly. Viewers need more than pure entertainment.
Phil Lodge, Halifax

Bob Geldof... the leading spokesman for the most important campaign of the hour.
Nick Wall, Wallasey

An NGO representative to discuss more fully the implications of the Make Poverty History Campaign in 2005. Maybe less attractive than many celebrities, but what about Richard Bennett, Chair of Make Poverty History Campaign and general secretary of BOND, the British Network of voluntary organisations working in international development?
Marco, London

If QT is hosting a show the week of the G8 Summit in July, I would urge the show to consider Sir Crispin Tickell, the former UK ambassador to the UN and environmental advisor. I heard him speak at a conference in Paris recently, and he is a brilliant thinker and media savvy performer. And he is very well informed on both issues of climate change as well as Africa, poverty and development matters.
Andrew Wigley, London

Bob Geldof. He's passionate and entertaining, nobody's pulling his strings, and he's the leading spokesman for the most important campaign of the hour.
Nick Wall, Wallasey

Malcolm Williamson, former CEO of Girobank and then world president of VISA. He presents very well and has a unique and highly realistic views on where world finance and debt is going. He speaks with authority and can usually with humour and grace demolish any unsound or spurious argument, and is known for eating politicians before breakfast.
Julian Bray, Peterborough

I think Linton Kwesi Johnson would make an extremely good panellist. He is a highly articulate poet, with very witty views on the British establishment, who has been politically active for 30 years.
Dan, London

Bill Oddie. He is becoming a "champion" in helping to save wildlife and a natural environment. He may develop into an honoured "statesman" in the preservation of biodiversity globally as well as in the UK. He is certainly doing a lot for UK wildlife in Springwatch. He makes me feel that he can help everyone do their part in keeping the planet clean and healthy for our wildlife and future generations.
Tony, Birmingham

Christopher Hitchens. Why does the BBC persist in inviting his imbecilic brother on all the time to QT and Any Questions? The answer is because Peter Hitchens fits neatly into the balancing act that you have to be seen to be performing in terms of "right" and "left" politics. Life's more complicated than that and QT is presumably supposed to be an enlightening programme in the Reithian tradition.
Guy, London

Sue Campbell. Sue is the chair of UK Sport and the president of the Youth Sport Trust. Sue has a real passion and drive for the future of the education system and the values that high quality physical education can offer young people. She is also a non-political advisor to the DfES.
Martin James, Bristol

I would strongly suggest Noam Chomsky by himself for at least two hours of uninterrupted questions and answers on topical affairs.
Rob, Southend

Ann Talbot of the World Socialist Web Site. Erudite, insightful, stylish, she would bring a much-needed Marxist perspective on the ills affecting the modern world.
Andrew Harding, Chantilly, France

John Cleese, because he could put a funny slant on things. He would appeal to all age groups and I would like to hear his views.
Timothy Roberts, Kingston upon Hull

Kevin Myers, Sunday Telegraph and Irish Times columnist and novelist, and occasional pundit on Irish current affairs television programmes. He is a very acerbic, lucid and controversial observer of world, English and Irish current affairs. He takes a contrary position on every conventional piety and is the scourge of the politically correct.
Barry Lynch, Dublin, Ireland

Cherie Blair... she should be given a chance to defend herself
Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, London

I would like to see Martin Sheen, not only because of his role as the US President in The West Wing, but because he is a world renowned actor. I think he would be an intriguing guest if you can get him!
Nick Edwards, London

Alain De Botton - a great thinker and sensitive person.
Anna, Brussels

Peggy Seeger - surely one of the most eloquent of females, with a lovely lilting voice and some of the most thought provoking ideas. She has been an ardent feminist and speaks out on humanist issues. Also one of the most talented musicians and songwriters and one of the team responsible for some of the finest radio programmes in the history of the BBC. Please ask her!
Mervyn Wells, Lichfield

Cherie Blair... she should be given a chance to defend herself.
Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, London

For your Africa Special, it would be nice to have the likes of Prof Wole Soyinka and the former Commonwealth Secretary General, Emeka Anyaoku, on the panel.

I do hope that we would one day have the delightful Stephen Fry on the panel. Do give it a thought Mr Producer, you probably have, but I'm sure old Fry can be "bullied" into submission.
Kemdi Oyemogum, Leeds

Prof. Merfyn Jones, Vice Chancellor, Bangor University (for the future north Wales venue). He is an expert on Welsh politics and social history.
Eric Jones, Caernarfon

Ricky Gervais. If anyone became too earnest, he would be a good foil.
James, London

Robin Page, countryman and journalist. Robin is someone who does not mince his words and can be quite outspoken and informative. Added to this he is also quite entertaining which is more than can be said for some of the boring panellists inflicted upon us by the BBC.
Derek Bennett, Walsall

I'd like to see former Liberal MP Sir Clement Freud (grandson of Sigmund) for his intellect and deadpan humour. He has both the political experience and the wit to speak about issues knowledgeably and engagingly. It would certainly be refreshing to see!
Matthew, Gateshead

As David Davies is a front-runner as a possible new leader of the Conservative party, it would be interesting to see more of him and hear his views.
Rosalind Toman, Near Bideford, North Devon

I think Ardal O'Hanlon should appear on the show if it is ever being filmed in Ireland, as he is very funny and intelligent.
Anthony Hall, Gloucester

Malcolm Glazer surely!?
Brett Stewart, Guernsey

The campaign in France for the referendum is marked by a great imbalance in the media in favour of the "yes" people (75/25). The "no" politicians and other members of the civil society are not invited by television to give their views or, when "no" people are invited, they are extremists like Le Pen. This is part of the strategy to discredit the "no" camp. I hope the BBC will not fall into this trap and invite people who will be truly representative of the French people and opinions in the country.
Boris P, London

A top surgeon, to hear the real NHS issues, a top classroom teacher, to hear the real education issues... politicians never really know what is happening at the coal face!
John Wells, Bracknell

Jeremy Paxman. It is about time that he had to answer the questions he poses. Paxman has an impact on what people think and we need to examine him in the same light as his victims. David will have no concerns in controlling him.
William Mcleod Scott, Ipswich

I'd like more thinkers and philosophers, and fewer celebrities
Jamie May, Ticehurst, East Sussex

I'd like more thinkers and philosophers, and fewer celebrities - whose opinions I have not the slightest interest in. A panel of AC Grayling, David Starkey, Tony Benn, Mark Steel and David Attenborough would make interesting viewing.
Jamie May, Ticehurst, East Sussex

Norman Finkelstein - because he is well versed on international politics. His views are also considered by some to be rather controversial.
Ali, Leicester

I would like to see Lord Coe on the panel, especially in the week leading up to the election of the 2012 Olympic Bid City. I think that he would be able to answer many questions on a wide variety of topics, including Tory policy as he is a Tory peer.
Abbie Jones, Birmingham

For the pre-referendum QT from Paris, it has to be Dominique de Villepin from the "Yes" camp. Presently Interior Minister, he is one of the main contenders to be the next French prime minister after the referendum. He is a committed European, a fluent English speaker, a passionate debater - and he has just co-written a book called 'L'Homme Europeen', with a Spanish socialist. As his speeches at the UN during the Iraq war crisis showed, he can add fire to any discussion. He sees the bigger picture and he can articulate his vision with eloquence and panache, unlike most politicians.
Regina Kealy, Dublin

Ed Vaizey, charismatic young Tory MP who has just been elected. Tipped for party leader at some point. Seen as a moderniser and has worked under Howard as a speech writer and Duncan-Smith as an aide.
Gary Hamilton, Oxford

Ben Schott, the author of Schott's Original Miscellany. What a mind!
Sam Hanson, Glasgow

Richard Dimbleby! It would be fantastic to have them on the same programme.
Magnus Johnson, Scarborough

There are lots of Green voters in Scotland, and we've got seven Green MSPs in Holyrood, but I've never seen any of them on QT when you're broadcasting up here! Why not?
Peter Barber, Glasgow, Scotland

It's a great move to broadcast Question Time from Paris on 26 May on the topic of the EU Constitution ... good to get people talking about the issues. But PLEASE can we have a UKIP MEP on the panel? Although the Conservatives are against the Constitution, they are in favour of EU membership, so aren't really an opposition at all. Nigel Farage on Question Time, on the other hand, would really make the sparks fly...!
Marcus, Oxford

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. He's one of the few people in public life who can speak out against politicians, and is not speaking for himself or personal gain.
Andrew, Cambridge

Just heard Alan Simpson, the member of Parliament for Nottingham on ITV news. He'd be great to have on the programme. His priority of environmental issues is not met by any one else in parliament and this needs to be on the top of the government's agenda right now!
Joan Watson, Norwich

Greg Palast - an excellent journalist, with a wealth of information and experience, usually held back from the public at large, in his head.
Scott Clark, London

I'd like to request more Labour backbenchers rather than Labour ministers which we get too much of. Labour's back bencher Stephen Pound would be excellent to have. He is the Labour Party's equivalent to Boris Johnson, but he's more cavalier. He's very funny, witty and the public would like him just as much as Boris, I'm sure.
S Khan, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

Patrick Harvie MSP: The Government have just promised to reintroduce the ID Card Bill, and Mr Harvie's campaign at Holyrood led to the Scottish Parliament rejecting the Bill. Topical!
James Mackenzie, Edinburgh

I would like QT to actually take up some of the suggestions already posted
Sanjoy Sen, Aberdeen

George Galloway has been the stand-out performer on the most recent series of Question Time. Despite not sharing his political persuasion, I was utterly impressed by his logical arguments on the programme, and he showed considerable charisma too. Following his shock victory as an Independent standing in the Labour heartland of Bethnall Green, I think he should be brought back on the panel as soon as possible.
Al Gray, Huddersfield

Christopher Blackborow is a respected academic from the University of Wales Aberystwyth and is renowned for his formidable intellect. In particular his fierce opposition to the concept of 'elective dictatorship' makes him an ideal panellist especially in the current political climate, he argues strongly for reform to the electoral process.
Richard Watts, Aberystwyth

Sir Martin Rees, ex-Astronomer Royal, President of the Royal Society and Master of Trinity College Cambridge: because you hardly ever have real, world-leading scientists on the programme, and Sir Martin is informed, articulate, thoughtful and provocative. And a nice chap.
Alf Game, Swindon

I've seen various popular celebrities on Question Time, but I'd like to see a classical composer, performer or conductor on the show.
Nicola, Bristol

Mike Knowles, chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament. Mike would explain exactly why the people of England need equality with the rest of the devolved United Kingdom. He could also explain why a parliament for England could help solve some of the problems that England faces.
Colin Ray, Castellon

I would like QT to actually take up some of the suggestions already posted. QT is a once-excellent programme that is fast becoming stale: how many more times do I need to see Lord Soames, David Baddiel and Digby Jones for goodness sake? They had precious little to say the first time they were on!
Sanjoy Sen, Aberdeen

Paul Dacre. His opinion seems to carry so much weight but very few people get to challenge him.
David Harper, Edinburgh

The designer Wayne Hemmingway. He has a keen eye for streamlining and trouble-shooting, especially isolating things which are wasteful and/or excessive. He has spoken out in the past to have a tax slapped on goods with excessive unrecyclable packaging.
James Abbott, Dover

War torn Iraqis and British soldiers who have been injured.
Mush, Leicester

Dan Brown should be considered to join the Question Time panellist. He is a great author and I would love to learn his views about the current world affairs.
K Nehar, London

Tim Sebastian from HARDtalk. Because he is always prepared for a debate, with the best counter-argument to any argument and will not allow politicians to avoid the question.
Alexis Anagnostopoulos, London

Noam Chomsky. Because I'm going to keep suggesting him until he is on the show.
David Burns, Southend

Sir Alan Sugar could tell the politicians: 'You're fired!'
Andy Lyon, Basingstoke

Frank Gardner: I am so impressed with his attitude and clarity of mind.
Colin Parker, Worthing

Jamie Oliver. He speaks his mind and has had more success as an Essex boy than most public school politicians.
D Hughes, Essex

I would like to see Reg Keys, the retired paramedic whose son was killed in Iraq and who is standing in Sedgefield as an independent.
N Priestley, Kent

Architect Will Alsop. You never quite know what he will say. You need people like that on a programme where, increasingly, you can broadly guess what the politicians' responses will be before they have actually spoken.
Robert, London

I'd like to see Sir Alan Sugar on the programme. He's well qualified to give a business perspective and his no-nonsense, straight-talking bluntness would be a refreshing change from all these politicians who all too often skirt around the issues. If they didn't answer the questions, he could tell them: "You're fired!"
Andy Lyon, Basingstoke

I would like to see some politicians from other countries involved, from Europe, the Middle East, Far East and America. It would be good to see politics become a global forum as many of the big issues facing our country are issues the world will need to face together.
Paul Rickards, London

I would like to suggest Mark Leech, editor of the Prisoners' Handbook and founder of ex-offenders charity Unlock. On the few occasions I have seen this man on TV I have found him to be a measured and interesting person whose views I would like to hear more of.
Beverley Mckee, Manchester

For the Paris show I would like to suggest Ivan Rioufol of Le Figaro. He is the only major pro-American journalist regularly contributing to a major French newspaper. I would also like to put forward the names of Philippe de Villiers, a euro-sceptic, anti-Chirac heavyweight. Finally I would also like to suggest Louis Chagnon, a well known history teacher.
Christopher Hyde, Paris, France

A strong believer in fair taxation would be an excellent option, drawing away from the tiresome debate on immigration. To engage with the common man (sorry Lib Dems), bring on Arthur Scargill.
Steven, Sunderland

I suggest Tom Baker for his articulate wit and obvious intellect. I suspect that regardless of his politics he would provide entertaining responses on any absurdity present in current affairs and comments from the other panel members. He is just the sort of person to bring down pompous politicians a notch or three.
Kevin Orme, Derby

Put one of the Guantanamo victims on. Preferably with Blair or another war-monger.
Mo Degia, Leicester

The editors of Daily Mail and Daily Express, also Rebekah Wade. I have never understood why they never appear while they exert so much influence. We do NOT need any more columnists, who tend to be quite entertaining but completely in the pockets of their paymasters.
RP, Ilford

As a Black British, centre-left leaning politically minded individual, I would like to see greater representation of the far right, like Nick Griffin. My reason? I believe democracy needs to listen to a wide range of opinions and force them to deal with the realities and moral values of the mainstream.

I fear that the far right gains from the political class's lack of acknowledgment of some of the more unsavoury views held within our society. If we can hear their views and have a forum to challenge and expose the truths behind the politics, I believe our democracy will only be strengthened.
Martin Gentles, London, England

Howard Flight. A highly intelligent man, who was not afraid to 'tell it as it is'!
Barry Cumner, Guernsey

Garry Bushell of the English Democrats Party. He would add a fun slant to the proceedings but this would contrast beautifully with the fact that the English Democrats have some serious food for thought for the people of England (this is a non-racist party).
Kim E Gandy, Billericay

Thom Yorke, lead singer for the group Radiohead. The only band prepared to reflect the current fears of the neo-Con agenda advocated by Bush.
Craig Cook, Stevenage

John Kay, Financial Times columnist, economist and author. He's always got an original take on important issues of the moment as evidenced by his weekly column in the FT.
Chris White, London

Howard Flight. A highly intelligent man, a dedicated and committed former politician, who was determined to serve the Conservative Party well in his short career as an MP - and was not afraid to "tell it as it is"!
Barry Cumner, Guernsey

My vote goes to Maureen from "Driving School". Why not? If you can have David Baddiel on then why not good old Maureen?
Rich, Exeter

Respect's Salma Yaqoob. She has fought long and hard as chairperson of Birmingham Stop The War Coalition and is attempting to become the first Muslim woman elected to Parliament. Her out-spoken, working-class views are desperately needed!
Doug Morgan, Birmingham

James Whale (The Voice of Reason) from Talk Sport Radio, which has the largest audience for commercial radio. He is honest (unlike politicians) and is not governed by political correctness (unlike politicians).
Michael Gerard, Barnet

John Cole, former BBC political correspondent, or Robert Fox of the London Evening Standard - two people who know what they are talking about if anyone ever did and are never badly informed.
Alan Dryden , Newcastle upon Tyne

How about Alexander McCall Smith - excellent author
Parminder Summon, Peterborough

Never mind being a guest, Boris Johnson ought to be the presenter!
Michael, Wimbledon

Bring on the environment ministers/spokespersons from each political party and ask them whether they are courageous enough to make decisions that stretch beyond the tenure of an individual government and, if so, what they would do to protect the global environment.
Steven Teale, East Sussex

NOT Tony Benn (we've heard his opinion on every conceivable subject) - he is utterly predictable. NOT Shirley Williams - ditto. NOT Ken Clarke - bluff demeanour is wearying. NOT Jeremy Clarkson - too embarrassing listening to him displaying his bovine ignorance.

How about Alexander McCall Smith - excellent author, well rounded personality, observer of human nature, well known and interesting.
Parminder Summon, Peterborough

Here we go - the perfect panel: Edwina Currie, Alistair Campbell, Mark Thomas, Mohammed Al-Fayed and Jeffrey Archer. What fun!
Adrian, Brighton

Andrew Neil, superb at cornering politicians, and a great dancer too!
Richard Warner, Hastings

I would like to see Andrew Marr, political editor for the BBC on Question Time. He has a phenomenal amount of experience in reporting politics as well as writing about it through his 25 years of experience in journalism, and can comment from a first hand point of view on a wide range of subjects.
Divyang Chandarana, Harrow, London

Jonathan Porritt. The panel needs a sensible environmentalist who can explain to the audience why we need to be looking at ways to change the way society is run and the need for people to take the issue of global warming seriously.
Julia Green, Loughborough

Columnist and author George Monbiot, preferably alongside Alan Milburn
Howard Rees, London

Tariq Ali - acerbic, witty, and very well informed. He's an excellent debater who not only can claim some authority on pressing matters today, but also doesn't shrink at the prospect of confrontation.
Caleb Hirst, London

Bring on Robert Fisk and have an informed discussion on the Middle East.
A J Bunting, Belfast

Either Lindsey German or Andrew Murray of the Stop The War Coalition, or Kate Hudson, Chair of CND.
Brian Precious, London

Can we have a return to the QT of old, with only politicians on the panel. While the views of journalists such as Mark Steel or Janet Street-Porter are interesting, the point of the programme was always to question politicians and to see debate among them, rather than providing yet another opportunity for commentators to sound off (which they already have many outlets for).
David Sefton, London

Matthew O'Connor from Fathers 4 Justice; hopefully fathers' and children's rights will not be lost in this election. Matthew would make for an entertaining, lively and articulate guest, a visionary pioneering activist in the fight for improved rights for 50% of the parents in this country.
Mark Wild, Reading

Actor Art Malik, he's great in Holby City.
Brett Stewart, Channel Islands

Guardian columnist and best selling author George Monbiot, preferably alongside Alan Milburn or some other government champion of the private finance initiative - it'd be very bloody.
Howard Rees, London

Romany campaigner and founder/director of National Men's Health Week, Richard O'Neill. A therapist, storyteller and advocate for all people who need him and an excellent speaker. He would be the first Romany Gypsy on Question Time.
Geo Parkin, Bury Manchester

Clive Owen, because he's becoming Britain's biggest actor, might be the new 007 and he has worked hard to get where he is so might have some interesting insights. He also played that model for all good politicians: King Arthur!
James, UK

Jo Brand would put the politicians in their place!
Ross Pepper, Lincoln

Richard Littlejohn, Charles Kennedy, Michael Howard, John Reid - in one show!
Arjan, Derby

I would like to see Ricky Gervais. His politics stand-up show is very controversial, yet true to politics as well as extremely funny, of course! He's intelligent with wit, unlike some of the politicians we see.
Freddie, London

Muriel Gray. Quite simply Scotland's most articulate and informed social commentator. A thorn in the side of Scotland's religious bigots and an advocate of women's rights, Muriel speaks the sort of common sense that you just don't hear from any of Scotland's second rate politicians.
Ewan Colville, Glasgow

I'd really like to see the Rev Joanna Jepson on the programme. She's had the courage and work rate to pursue her case and I think she will be articulate, and she strikes me as being very sincere.
Tim Cunliffe, Leeds

John Abbey. Who? Chief executive of a London charity supporting children through increased access to IT, and director of his own consultancy company - an expert in the voluntary/public sector. Walked from London to Khartoum to raise money for famine relief.
Tina Wright, London

Michael Portillo as he has a genuine concern for people.
Sandra Simmons, Wirral

Any member of the public who applies to be on the programme. At least then we would get honest, straightforward debate on the issues.
Rob Hunter, Aylesbury

Eamonn McCann - articulate speaker on Irish civil rights and politics. Public speaker on Robert McCartney murder and the political implications.
Anthony McMahon, Belfast

I think Jo Brand would make a good panellist - highly amusing and extremely intelligent. She would put the politicians in their place!
Ross Pepper, Lincoln

Jeremy Paxman, Margaret Thatcher, Tommy Sheridan, Bob Geldoff, Richard Branson, Prince Charles, Norman Tebbit and Bill Clinton could all be very interesting people due to their different experiences and opinions.
Michael Koenig, Glasgow

Theatre producer Cameron Mackintosh - a brilliant public speaker who, I'm sure, has excellent opinions on current affairs.
William, Nottingham

Angela Eagle as she is a very good speaker and has a clear, concise mind. Also Michael Portillo as he has a genuine concern for people.
Sandra Simmons, Wirral

Betty Boothroyd - a lady in every sense of the word
Andy Brown, West Midlands

Gerard Batten, MEP for the London Region, is my suggestion. Mr Batten spends much of his time listening to his constituents' views on subjects such as crime, immigration and other issues that affect their daily lives.
Mrs L Robson, London

Billy Connolly would be excellent - what a vivid sense of imagination and he speaks so well about the most obvious things in life. Of course we also have that wonderful humour!!
Anne, Shrewsbury

Stephen Fry - witty, humorous and far more intelligent than any member of the House of Commons.
Pauline P Morton, Edinburgh

Yvonne Thompson CBE has a vast knowledge of social, business and women's issues affecting African-Caribbean people in this country as well as in Europe.
Nelson Valentine, London

Can we have some more smaller party representation, especially UKIP. We see far too many big three party clones all trying to see how much they agree with each other. Let's get some interest in with some new blood.
Ralph Kin, Wisbech

Betty Boothroyd. I always watched with interest when she was speaker of the House of Commons. A lady in every sense of the word, much admired by a lot of people.
Andy Brown, West Midlands

Scott Ritter, the former chief UN weapons inspector
Brian, Plymouth

More MEPs, MSPs, AMs and GLAMs. I think it would be useful to have politicians other than MPs and peers.
Stuart, London, UK

I would like to see Jonathan Dimbleby, David Dimbleby, Jeremy Paxman, Adam Boulton and David Frost on the panel being grilled by Tony Blair.
James O'Callaghan, Chippenham

I would like to see on the panel Scott Ritter, the former chief UN weapons inspector, who knows the truth about Iraq's WMD.
Brian, Plymouth

John Gray, author of Straw Dogs and Heresies and lecturer at LSE. If anyone can cut the nonsense, party-advertising and empty talk, it'll be this man.
Tom Meltzer, London

Triple-jump champion Jonathan Edwards. A very down-to-earth guy who would, I'm sure, have plenty of sense to speak - unlike some panellists! Or Lyndon Bowring, head of the established mainstream Christian charity CARE, an organisation that undertakes a variety of social caring and educational programmes as well as research and lobbying on associated issues.
Ian Linton, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

John Pilger - One of the few journalists around interested in the truth - whose career spans nearly five decades of conflict from Vietnam to Iraq.
Mark, Glasgow

I would love to see Richard Dawkins on the show. His views are always intelligent and thought provoking, and he provides a good alternative to commentators whose views are based on religion.
Amanda Cumberland, Brixton, London

Get Christopher Hitchens on!
Martin Davies, London

Collette Douglas Home of the Scottish Daily Mail. Her responses to topical issues are always thought provoking and appeal to common sense and tolerance. She is never gratuitously cruel or judgemental but is able to get straight to the heart of an issue within a few well chosen sentences. Read her for yourself and see what I mean.
Lynn, Ayrshire

Get Christopher Hitchens on! He would tear the roof off!
Martin Davies, London

I would like to see Chris Moyles on the show. I am in my mid 20's and I think Mr Moyles is someone people my age can relate to. Plus he is very funny and almost certainly likely to be controversial.
Ollie Gash, Nottingham

Personally, I would like to see a nice little showdown between Noam Chomsky and Michael Gove. Unsure about who else would be in the middle of it all, but to be honest I don't really care.
Mark Taylor, St Andrews

George Monbiot. With his books on "The Captive State - the corporate take over of Britain" and "The Age of Consent - A manifesto for a new world order", I cannot think of anyone who would do more to spark a lively and interesting debate.
Michelle Little, Slough

I would like to see Bjorn Lomberg, the Danish scientist and author of The Sceptical Environmentalist so that we could possibly have a genuine debate on the environment, rather than the usual re-hashing of the accepted truths, like Kyoto being a "good thing".
Dan Vesty, Shrewsbury

Alice Mahon would be my choice
Mike Towl, Malvern

For your Grimsby programme, how about our local Member of the Youth Parliament Kelly Hirst? Elected for the second time, she was on the panel at the ElectionsUK Local Election debate in June 04.
Richard Bellamy, Grimsby

A panel made up of a nurse, a teacher, a policeman, a social worker and a carer with an audience of politicians.
Lynn, Ayrshire

Johann Hari again! He was great.
David, London

Alice Mahon would be my choice. She has great insight and consistency. Her knowledge of foreign affairs is vast and should be shared with a wider audience.
Mike Towl, Malvern

I would like to see Tommy Sheridan on the show, someone who will tell "phoney Tony and his cronies" the real talking points of Scotland. I can make more sense from him than our current so-called first minister.
Chris McTiernan, Greenock

Boris Johnson we love you!!!!!
Boris Johnson Fan Club

Jose Mourinho. Quite simple, you sit the politicians down and show them how someone asks a question and he answers it. He doesn't worry what people think, he speaks his mind and he doesn't answer the question he wants to answer. Oh for a politician to have a bit of honesty.
MPR, Chelmsford

Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson... Boris Johnson we love you!!!!!
Boris Johnson Fan Club

How about Sir Mick Jagger? Highly intelligent, very articulate and he has met just about everyone of note from the last forty years.
Paul Radford, Leicester

Rather than a celebrity, don't you think it would be a good idea to have a member of the public? When they write in they could be asked if they would like to be on the panel, then the number on their ticket as they come in could be taken out of a hat.
Ronald Whitfield, Whitstable, Kent

I would like to suggest Garry Bushell to speak on behalf of the English Democrats, a political party that the BBC tends to ignore. I think the English public would like to know a bit more about them.
Steven Uncles, Dartford, Kent

Jeremy Paxman would be a great guest - or guest presenter perhaps? No disrespect to Dimbleby but Paxman would really give the other panellists a hard time!
Tony Peacock, Sheffield

Can we have more people from UKIP on the panel? They did so well in the European elections but apart from Robert Kilroy Silk, who was never really part of the party, we don't seem to see much of them.
Jackie Hooper, Newton Abbot

Please please PLEASE get Christopher Morris from Brass Eye on the panel as that show, along with everything else he has done, was so cutting edge he could have nothing but intelligent insight on current affairs.
Simon Stranks, Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales

Ellen McArthur. I am sure she could ride the waves from the audience and negotiate any tricky passages.
Brian Anjo, Warrington, Cheshire

Someone genuinely representing pensioners, for example Joe Harris, secretary of the National Pensioners Convention.
Hugh Emerson, Crewe

The Question Time show in China is a unique opportunity to put some pressure on the Chinese Government on issues surrounding Tibet. I would like to see the panel for that show include a Tibetan considered an authority on the subject, such as Tsering Shakya (author of "Dragon In The Land Of Snows: A History of Modern Tibet Since 1947").
William Smith, York

How about Jeremy Paxman? Let's see if he can make politicians squirm when he's not running the show. Failing that, any member of the studio audience. They often have more sensible things to say than the "experts"!
Mike, Cheshire

I'd love to see an articulate American who is NOT on the right and would show an alternative viewpoint of what goes on in the US. Al Franken, the author of "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them", would be my choice. Robert Kennedy Jr. another.
Peter, London

Maeve Sherlock, Chief Executive of the Refugee Council - to ensure that the voices and concerns of refugees and asylum seekers are represented in the fierce political immigration debates that currently dominate the political stage.
Jane, London

I would like to suggest Mike Hughes as a panellist for your show of 24th February. He is the ex-leader of Warrington Council and PPC for Warrington North for the Community Action Party at the forthcoming elections.
Ian Franzen, Warrington

I would like to see Professor Bhikhu Parekh (House of Lords) on Question Time to discuss the issues of immigration and contribution by immigrants. It seems his views have recently been suppressed with the major political parties trying to win the arguments in favour of controlling immigration stirring up anti-immigrant feeling in the country.
Dinesh Verma, London

Allan Beswick (BBC Radio GMR phone in programme presenter) - for the QT to be based in Warrington. He is a Warringtonian with common sense and considerable insight into the opinions of the local community.
Chris Cooper, Warrington

I think you should have Jade Goody on the show. She speaks for the common people.
Dillion Doolan, Dundee

We should find out what our kith and kin beyond the seas think about us 60 years after the war and 30 years after we parted from them in favour of Europe; so may I propose the High Commissioner in London for Canada, Australia or New Zealand?
James Lewis, London

Jazzy B of Soul II Soul fame. He has some good views on minority rights and issues.
Hector Ajayi, London

With the current debate on tax and spend, it would be worthwhile listening to the views of an independent think tank like the Taxpayers Alliance. I listened to them in January 2005 on Talk Sport and feel they could add another point of view to the political parties.
Mitesh, Leicester

Germaine Greer! She's intelligent, entertaining and always unpredictable.
Barry, Oxford

I would like to see a panel of headmasters from the whole spectrum of schools, colleges, universities, state and public, to answer educational issues.
Alan Gaskell, Wigan

I'd like to get Prince Charles on the panel - he's so out of touch with reality he's even asked CPB to marry him.
Ian Gunningham, Plymouth

I think Eton College's Provost, Sir Eric Anderson, would be an interesting panellist - articulate, wise - mentioned by Blair as the teacher who had the most effect on his life.
R Hunkin, Windsor

Mark Steyn please. Quite possibly the least clichéd of columnists, who doesn't pander to the left-wing peacenik reporting of international affairs since 9/11.
John Murtagh, London, UK

Jeff Duncan - Campaign Manager for Save the Scottish Regiments Campaign - a good choice for the next Scottish Question Time!
Andrew Robertson, Dundee

Retired politicians are often very good panellists. They no longer have a party line to stick to, but still have the insight to offer.
Sarah Loughran, Buckinghamshire

It would be nice if the leader of a main local council, nearest to where the programme is presented from, sits as a guest speaker on the panel each week
The leader(s) of the local government authorities, Manchester

It would be great to have Adam Curtis on Question Time, who recently produced the BBC programme The Power of Nightmares about the politics of fear politicians are using to their advantage.
James, London

Paul Dacre, Editor of the Daily Mail.
L Nicholls, Watford

I would like to see the current Health Secretary John Reid on the panel. I believe it would be interesting to see his response to current hygiene issues in hospitals and how he plans to improve the NHS further.
James Downs, Newcastle Under Lyme

I would like to see the historian Peter Henessy on Question Time. His books on Whitehall and the inner workings of the government and cabinet would provide an interesting balance to the lively interaction of the other panellists.
Rob Walker, London

Please represent Plaid Cymru on the programmes which come to Wales. It is unfair that the second biggest party in Wales were left out last time QT came to Cardiff!
Luke Nicholas, Barry/Y Barri

I would like to suggest Mark Field MP as a guest for your panel.
Sharon Klaff,

Roger Knapman as the leader of a party who received more votes than the Lib Dems, who seem to have a representative on nearly every week. UKIP should get a fair share of appearances.
Maurice Patterson, Sheffield

I suggest Sir Andrew Green. At least we will get the unbiased truth about immigration. He is also an authority on the Middle East and is involved in charity work.
Susan Kronfli, Maidenhead

Camilla Parker Bowles - need I say more!
Barry Mason, Wolverhampton

The "Just A Minute" panel (minus Nicholas Parsons, of course). They would have to speak for one minute without repetition, deviation or hesitation, and would be entertaining as well as making people want to listen to what was said.
Kevin Crinks, Wigan, Lancs

Margaret Thatcher. The figure of the twentieth century and still alive, we need to see more of her on the box.
Bobby Tarkweed, Luton

Rob Newman. A funny man with an alternative view of the World.
David Twomey, Derby

I would like to see Peter Mandelson on the show. Love or loath him, he is one of the most important cultural and political icons of the 21st Century.
Allan Angus, North London

Tony Benn is always a great guest to have on the show to give it a wide balance of views, rather than the left of, middle and right of centre usual guests.
George Anastasi, London

I believe Noam Chomsky would be an asset to any Question Time debate, as well as the excellent John Pilger. Professor Paul Rogers from Bradford University's Peace Studies department would also be a brilliant mind to have on the programme.
S Hope, Bradford

I'd like to see more people from industry - entrepreneurs and "captains" of industry as they shape our lives as much as politicians
Catherine Flack, Cambridge

I suggest Question Time has a panel of real people.

Have a nurse, NHS Doctor, teacher, police officer, and social worker on the show.

With the election coming we should hear from the people who really matter, the people who make a difference in our society and the people who have to live with the decisions made by the politicians, the so called "great and the good".
Ben Johnson, Reading

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