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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 February, 2004, 15:08 GMT
26 February 2004
Question Time, the BBC's premier political programme chaired by David Dimbleby, is in Norwich on 26 February. The panel joining him for the interactive debate are Ben Bradshaw MP, Julie Kirkbride MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Brian Eno and Peter Hitchens.

Ben Bradshaw MP


Title: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister and Minister for Nature Conservation

Career: Ben Bradshaw negotiated the latest EU fishing quotas that have been criticised in Scotland.

As foreign office minister, he was squirted with fake blood in 2001 by a protester demonstrating against British military action in Afghanistan, and he recently championed the cause of the threatened house sparrow.

The former BBC Berlin correspondent fought a bruising 1997 election campaign, during which his homesexuality was made an isuue by the defeated Conservative candidate.

Julie Kirkbride MP

Title: Shadow Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport

Career: Julie Kirkbride is currently considering a report that recommends the scrapping of the television licence fee and the break-up of the BBC.

She has campaigned for the right of parents to choose single vaccinations rather than the MMR jab, rebelled against her party by supporting the right of gay and unmarried couples to adopt children and has defended the Sun's Page 3 girls.

Prior to her election in 1997, Ms Kirkbride was a political correspondent with the Daily Telegraph and later Social Affairs Editor on the Sunday Telegraph.

Caroline Lucas MEP

Title: Green Party MEP, UK south east region

Career: Caroline Lucas is vice-president of the European Parliament Animal Welfare Inter-group, and sits on the trade and environment committees.

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She has worked on the campaign against aviation expansion, criticised the government's handling of the foot-and-mouth crisis in 2002 and she promotes human rights and animal welfare.

Dr Lucas is opposed to the single currency and has written publications on a range of issues, including the World Trade Organisation, globalisation and transport.

Brian Eno

Title: Musician and music producer

Career: Brian Peter St John Le Baptist de la Salle Eno found fame with the 1970s glam-rock group Roxy Music.

Earlier this year Mr Eno, who is widely credited with pioneering electronic ambient music, launched a musicians' alliance with rock star Peter Gabriel called "Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists".

He has recently joined the board of Basic, the British American Security Information Council, a defence policy think tank based in London and Washington.

Peter Hitchens

Title: Journalist and social commentator

Career: Former Marxist Peter Hitchens was a regular columnist and right wing commentator for the Express before switching to the Mail on Sunday.

He opposed the war in Iraq, has spoken out against giving same sex partners the same legal rights as married couples, advocates the renationalisation of Britain's railways and supports the monarchy.

Mr Hitchens has, at different times, supported both the Labour and Conservative parties. More recently he has written books criticising New Labour and on the subject of crime and punishment.

BBC One's Question Time is broadcast this Thursday at 22:45 GMT.


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