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Page last updated at 12:31 GMT, Sunday, 27 September 2009 13:31 UK

Economy is Sunday battleground

Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel

This is avowedly not a political point (we are microchipped to prevent us from expressing such things) but you have to admire the stamina.

Gordon Brown flew back on Saturday morning from the US after four days of lengthy negotiations and talks at the UN and G20, a shower, change of shirt and then straight down to Brighton for the Labour conference.

This morning he gave the set-piece interview to Andrew Marr.

In a bullish performance he said he would carry on the fight and wouldn't roll over. He also outlined planned legislation to deal with government debt and bankers' bonuses - though worth glancing an eye at Robert Peston for his take on these announcements. Nevertheless a flavour of how Labour will position themselves this week in Brighton

Gordon Brown on the Andrew Marr Show

Gordon Brown tells the BBC he will 'ban the old system' of bankers' bonuses

Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he will introduce a new bill to prevent banking excesses.

There was also a question of a much more personal nature, but more of that in a moment.

Here on the Politics Show we had a leaked report from the department for Children, Schools and Families. It was commissioned by Ed Balls and reveals waste on a staggering scale, with no effective financial control.

It fell to the schools minister Vernon Coaker to defend its rather stark findings.

Vernon Coaker on the Politics Show

Vernon Coaker

Schools Minister Vernon Coaker defends government's spending record

Next weekend will see the Irish voting (again) on the EU constitution - sorry, amending treaty. And the result - with exquisite timing - will come just before the Conservatives gather in Manchester for their conference.

Europe and the Conservatives - never a happy meeting of minds and so it proved again today.

Former Tory, now independent, MEP Edward McMillan-Scott accused his former party colleague Danial Hannan of being the new "Enoch Powell" of the Conservative Party, with "nutty" and "dangerous" views on Europe.

Daniel Hannan later reminded viewers that he was the first elected British politician to back Barack Obama's presidential bid.

Hannan and McMillan-Scott on the Politics Show

The Politics Show

The results of the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty should be known by the eve of the Conservative Conference and it may re-open the debate on Europe

On Sky Adam Boulton had the shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague - no not Europe - but the really scary problem of Iran and what action to take to prevent it developing nuclear weapons.

William Hague on Sunday Live with Adam Boulton

William Hague on Sky News

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague has called for sanctions on Iran

Finally back to Marr's interview with Gordon Brown.

When he was in the United States the Prime Minister was asked by an American interviewer about problems with his eyesight.

It was surprising and personal. But for weeks the blogosphere and the Westminster Village have been abuzz with a different health concern: that Gordon Brown was reliant on prescription drugs to get him through the day.

Andrew Marr addressed the issue thus:

Gordon Brown on the Andrew Marr Show

Gordon Brown on Andrew Marr Show

Andrew Marr asks the Prime Minister about his health

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