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Fiscal strategy

Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Hello again...

Alistair Darling is a man with much on his mind .

We are in the midst of the worst financial downturn in 100 years.

Alistair Darling
Can he afford to stimulate the economy still further?

The economy has tanked, the banks are on a life support machine, and tens of thousand have already lost their jobs.

On this week's Politics Show, I will be talking to the Chancellor about how he plans to get us out of this mess.

He has already had quite a week of it.

Governor's warning

On Tuesday, the Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, told him that Britain can't afford to keep borrowing to stimulate the economy.

Mervyn King
Has he cut up the nation's credit card?

The Tories said it was like cutting up the nation's credit card.

The next day, the Government couldn't persuade the markets to buy their bonds.

And if he can't sell his bonds, Mr Darling has no money to spend.

Not a happy position for a man putting the finishing touches to next month's Budget.

We'd like to know what questions you'd like me to put to the Chancellor on Sunday.

Two of you have already done so.

Making ends meet

Mark and Renata are from Grantham. Mark's lost his job in a factory.

He's picked up a bit of temporary work but it's getting hard to make ends meet.

Renata can't afford to work as they can't get childcare.

This weekend they're coming to London. We'll be following them on their 'march for jobs'.

They want next week's big G20 summit to focus on getting people back to work.

And they want the Chancellor's assurance that it will.

We'll also be hearing of a new idea from the Liberal Democrats to help people in danger of losing their homes in the recession.

Voice of Older People

And the veteran broadcaster, Joan Bakewell, will be with us.

Joan Bakewell
The Voice of Older People. But what are they saying?

Last year Gordon Brown asked her to become the 'Voice of Older People'.

And since then she's been touring the country finding out what they think.

They've been talking to her about everything from adopting a granny to the right to end their own lives.

And we'll find out what they've said on Sunday.

That's the Politics Show on BBC One on Sunday at noon.

And don't forget to put your clocks forward or you'll miss it.

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