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Jerry Thomas and the London Politics Team
The Politics Show

Man drinking c/o PA Images
Tough times - calling time on the traditional London pub?
There are almost 5,000 pubs in London but publicans and pub chains alike are facing a tough time.

Some public houses have been facing closure and a loss of their traditional trade.

New measures introduced in the Queen's speech to clamp down on cheap drink promotions coupled with falling property prices and ongoing hefty duty on wine, spirits and beer have not helped.

Over the first half of 2008 there were 241 pub closures in London which works out at nine per week.

If that rate were to continue and no new pubs were to open, in 10 years time London would have few if any pubs left.

Threats to pub trade

The threat to the license pub trade in London is acute and has serious implications for the economy in the capital.

London pubs turnover around 2.1bn per year and employ some 55,000 people.

Derelict public house
Sign of the times - a derelict public house in London.

An estimated 113m has been lost in the first six months of the year by the London economy from pub closures.

With the very institution of the London 'boozer' under threat, we thought it would be an opportune moment to find out what you know about London pubs.

The Pub Quiz

Question 1
The Tabard Inn in Southwark is the starting point of which literary work?
A: The Canterbury Tales
B: Belle de Jour
C: A Christmas Carol
D: Three Men in a Boat
Question 2
Which celebrity Camden boozer burned down earlier this year?
A: The Dublin Castle
B: The Hawley Arms
C: The Good Mixer
D: The Crack and Pipe
Question 3
The Ten Bells in the East End is famous as the drinking spot frequented by which local legend?
A: Reggie Kray
B: Ray Winstone
C: Jack the Ripper
D: Sir Alan Sugar
Question 4
Who are you most likely to find drinking at the Red Lion pub in Westminster?
A: Tourists
B: A Level students from Westminster College
C: MPs
D: Nobody - there is no such pub
Question 5
Thomas Paine is thought to have written the Rights of Man in a pub in which London borough?
A: Lambeth
B: Islington
C: Bexley
D: Havering
Question 6
Where in London can you still buy a pint and smoke at the same time?
A: The historical City of London - it is governed by ancient charter.
B: Anywhere - you'll just get arrested.
C: The Houses of Parliament - it is technically a royal palace.
D: Over the river Thames - maritime law applies.
Question 7
What was the name of the pub in which the Gunpowder Plot began in 1604?
A: The Duck and Drake
B: The Nightingale
C: The Guinea
D: The Olde Bull and Bush
Question 8
Which pub was the setting of the play Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell?
A: The Spaniard's Inn
B: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese
C: The French House
D: The Coach and Horses
Question 9
Which political event took place next door to the Grapes pub in Limehouse?
A: The launch of the Social Democrat Party.
B: The deal where Gordon Brown allowed to challenge Tony Blair for the leadership of the Labour party.
C: John Redwood told John Major he would be challenging him for leadership of the Conservative Party.
D: The first Suffragette rally.
Question 10
Outside which pub in Hampstead did Ruth Ellis (the last woman to be hanged in England) shoot her lover dead?
A: The Magdala
B: The Spaniards Inn
C: The Locomotive
D: The Nag's Head

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