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Page last updated at 15:25 GMT, Friday, 28 November 2008

International affairs...

Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Jon Sopel and Gordon Brown

Hello again...

This week, for reasons best known to themselves, No 10 are rolling the red carpet back up, and I'm confined to barracks, or at least Studio 7.

So business as usual? Well, backdrop as usual.

I rather liked the Turner paintings in the back of shot when we were live at No 10.

It's been a week dominated by two extraordinary, disturbing global events that are still unfolding as I write this...

William Hague
Much on the international stage to discuss

...the horror that was visited on Mumbai and the delicate political situation in Thailand, with anti-government protestors laying siege to the international airport in Bangkok.

What's this got to do with the Politics Show?

Well a number of Britons are affected by both, and we'll be speaking live to the shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

We'll also get his take on the game of political Cluedo over the shadow immigration minister - the police seem to have reason to think it was Damien Green, with the leaked letter, in the library.

A political matter, or should the police be allowed to get on with their job without interference?

Yellow fever

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg will reveal all...

We also have an exclusive report on a major policy development for the Lib Dems.

I can't give too much away now, suffice it to say that if you have children, grand children or pay taxes you'll be interested.

The party's leader, Nick Clegg, will join me live.

Nato no go?

Nato headquarters sign
Nato - in an invidious position?

And never let it be said that we are guilty of dumbing down on the Politics Show.

Nato is about to make a crucial decision about whether to admit Ukraine and Georgia to its ranks - and Russia is exceptionally unhappy about that prospect.

Under Nato's terms, all its member countries are bound to defend each other, so the consequences could be enormous.

Some say these former Soviet bloc countries aren't ready to join the alliance, as its known, and it's stupid to provoke Russia.

Others say with Russia resurgent, it's even more important than ever to stand together and expand the list of Nato countries.

Paola Buonadonna has been talking to all the top diplomats about this sensitive issue, and I'll take it up with the Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

And we have the latest Politics Max.

Max meets the British Pensioners
Max meets the British Pensioners

No really this time - last week we had to make way for the Prime Minister, this week, nothing will stand in its way.

Max has been visiting some British pensioners in the south of France who think they ought to get the winter fuel allowance.

Sound ridiculous?

You can find our more on Sunday at 12 noon.

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