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Page last updated at 12:06 GMT, Friday, 12 September 2008 13:06 UK

Of conferences and ties...

Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Hello and welcome...

...and in normal circumstances I would say welcome to a new political season.

Vivaldi's new political work... "The One Season"?

But just as we haven't had a summer this year, so there has been no real summer break for this government.

Yep, the seasons are merging into one.

If Vivaldi were alive today he would be writing that famous piece: the One Season.

And as for pizza, you would only be able to order an 'una stagione'.

So ministers continue where they left off: thunderous rain clouds overhead, storms blowing in and out, knee deep in mud and seemingly unable to make much progress.

No ties here then...

Not so the Politics Show: we have a bright new look, which we will be taking the shrink wrappers off this Sunday - although if you're hoping our new look might result on me wearing a tie... the news is bad!

We are still a militantly open necked programme.

David Miliband
David Miliband will have tough questioning...

And on it, I will be joined by the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband - who some would say has been at the heart of these storms - while others might comment that he has been a bit of a storm-maker himself.

Certainly a headline maker.

How does he think that Labour can transform the political weather? And I guess we might ponder whether or not he can think of anyone who might do a better job as prime minister.

Gordon Brown's next important brush with the electorate will come in the Glenrothes by-election - the constituency next to his own. We'll be dipping our toe in the political water there.

First up... Lib Dems

Charles Kennedy
Charles Kennedy with insight to the conference

This weekend, the Liberal Democrats are heading to Bournemouth for Nick Clegg's first big conference as leader.

He's taking the party through a bit of a rebranding exercise.

The party of penny-in-the-pound tax hikes and free tuition fees is now the party of tax cuts and shrinking government spending.

Is a turn to the right likely to lead to better electoral success? Or is the party veering off course?

We'll have some exclusive polling on the party's electoral fortunes and I'll be talking live to the former leader, Charles Kennedy.

Max power is back. This time, coming to the rescue of a Mr Fred Peters from Kennington, South London.

Fred had run his youth club for nearly 30 years. But he'd fallen out with his local council so badly, the two sides were no longer talking. And the club's future was in jeopardy. Enter your political arbitration service: Max Cotton.

And finally...

Gordon Brown cartoon
A postcard from the edge...

"What I did in my summer holidays" from the imagined pen of one J. Gordon Brown. With vocal assistance from the chameleon of comedy, Jon Culshaw and cartoons by our very own Gary Barker.

Did Gordon have a lovely holiday? Seems a little unlikely...

Mellow fruitfulness promised at noon this Sunday...

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