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New Labour woes

Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Hello again

Gordon Brown
Prime Minister's political woes accumulate?

This is recess week at Westminster, and Gordon Brown must have been mightily relieved at the prospect of a week's R+R in Scotland.

At least until hundreds of truckers parked their lorries in London and 150 more did a go-slow in Wales as a protest against fuel duty; and backbench Labour MPs began making noises about the proposed changes to Vehicle Excise Duty.

Post office closures

And then there are the other issues rumbling along - like post offices, for instance.

Fuel nozzle
Fuel prices soar... Post Offices in decline

In 2007, the government announced plans to close 2500 out of the 14,000 post office branches, saying it would make the network more sustainable and stem losses of 4m a week.

But many have reacted strongly to the prospect of losing their local post office - including some Labour MPs.

So how does the Post office decide which branches to close? Are profitable branches being closed?

We spent the day with a post office in Penrith, Cumbria that is slated for closure, and I'll talk live to the Post Office minister, Pat McFadden.

Vote on Europe

On 12 June 2008, voters in Ireland get what no one else in Europe has - a vote on the Lisbon treaty.

The treaty emerged out of the ashes of the EU constitution, and Ireland is the only country which by law is obliged to put it to its people for approval.

There's a massive campaign on the yes side - all the main political parties are campaigning in favour of the treaty - but it is close enough to cause worry in Brussels.

And when even the Taoiseach has admitted he hasn't read the actual treaty, can anyone expect the same of the voters of Ireland?

Paola Buonadonna has been to Cork to read the runes.

Democrat's campaign

Hillary and Simon
Tory MP campaigned for Hillary

And meet the Tory MP who's voting for...

Hillary Clinton.

Simon Burns, MP for Chelmsford West, is so keen to promote the former First Lady's claim to the presidency that he has been out to the USA campaigning for her.

As Democratic voters in the last three states to have their say on who should be their party's presidential nominee go to the polls, I'll talk to Mr Burns about why he thinks the best man for the job is a woman, and what his colleagues make of his transatlantic loyalties.

That's all on the Politics Show.


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