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Last Updated: Friday, 29 February 2008, 12:36 GMT
This week's programme...
Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

The 'I Want A Referendum' campaign has been holding votes in 10 marginal constituencies this week. See the results live and exclusively on the Politics Show on Sunday.

Vote demand

'I Want a Referendum' campaign

This month, hundreds of thousands of people in 10 marginal constituencies have been invited to take part in a series of mini-referendums on the Lisbon Treaty.

Pro-referendum campaigners believe the public is being denied the opportunity to vote on the Treaty - or Constitution depending on your point of view - which they see as giving away too much sovereignty to Brussels.

So they have commissioned their own poll to test the demand for a full referendum.

The Politics Show will bring you the results of the poll - live and exclusively on the programme.

One of the constituencies where a mini-referendum is being held is Harlow. Bill Rammell is the local MP and a Government minister.

He will debate the results live in the studio with the Chairman of the "I Want a Referendum" campaign, Derek Scott.

Getting your child into the school you want

Next Monday is "Admissions Day". It is when hundreds of thousands of parents find out if their child gets into the secondary school of their choice.

In some areas fewer than 50% get their first choice. And last year there were more than 40,000 appeals.

The Conservative Party's Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Michael Gove, will be in the studio to tell us how he would change the system.

Clone Town Britain

If you were captured, blindfolded and released in a random British High Street, how would you tell where you are?

They all look much the same. Woolworths, Sainsburys and Costa Coffee are pretty much everywhere. But what happened to all the small, independent retailers that used to make each town distinctive?

The Conservatives want to know. Their Parliamentary Enterprise Group has been looking at the issue. And the Politics Show has had a sneak preview of its conclusions.

Wild board

Wild Boars

In the Middle Ages you couldn't throw a rock into the bushes without hitting one of them. They died out 300 years ago but now they're back and some claim they're a nuisance.

This week after more than two years of head scratching the Government finally published an action plan - giving advice and guidance on managing their numbers. But is it too little, too late?

We sent Gillian Hargreaves to the Forest of Dean to investigate.

I'll see you on Sunday. Meanwhile, if you are unlucky enough to encounter a Wild Boar before the weekend I will leave you with this advice from

  • firstly, do not put yourself in a vulnerable position (e.g. walking through wild boar woods at night with a disobedient dog off its lead)
  • fortunately an angry boar will advertise its intentions and 'challenge' you by barking and snorting when 10-20 yards away
  • if an animal does this, retreat immediately and quickly
  • if the animal is coming at you, climb something or if you can't, run like hell.

The Politics Show on Sunday 02 March at 12:00 GMT on BBC One.

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