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Last Updated: Sunday, 27 January 2008, 13:48 GMT
Some of your e-mails and texts
...on the Politics Show of Sunday 27 January 2007

I make no apologies, but Gordon Brown really does talk nonsense. This man and his cabinet are wholly incapable of running an egg and spoon race let alone the country. we have more services and more power to deal with crime etc etc, and yet WE the public see something different? How stupid does he think we are? Crime down 32% exactly which figures is he looking at, and has he recently been out on Britain's streets of late?
Andrew Luscombe, Devon

He may be in the thick of it and has no excuses for the last ten years, but when he was asked about violent crime it was very clear that Gordon cares about the lives affected.
Paul Kenyon

Why are you wasting time listening to the Prime Minister - he evades every question, is completely disingenuous, and has no conception of the truth?
Michael Mason, England

The PM is (I am utterly convinced) a good and honest man. I also firmly believe that he is determined to do good for the country. I can only conclude therefore, that those that surround and advise him are weak, ineffectual and in some cases, deceitful and corrupt. As a result, trust in politicians remains at an all time low. Politicians would also do well to remember that they must represent the mainstream and not just the minority groups.

The PM emphasised the need for training. He seems to forget that the young people who lack training received all or most of their education since Labour came to power in 1997. It is his fault.
Graham Brown Wakefield, England

Mr Brown reiterates the fact that the UK achieved all its aims by getting opt outs in the discussions on the EU Treaty. He does not mention that those opt outs were about benefits and workers rights, that is, denying the worst off members of our society the benefits enjoyed by other EU citizens.
Edward Bruce, UK

I was looking forward to Gordon Brown's reign and I'm sad to give you full marks in exposing him as a shallow party politician not a statesman. Not one straightforward answer. Alastair Campbell would have been proud of his devious waffle.
Edward Wheatley Norfolk

In relation to knife crimes, or crime overall, the government is concentrating too much on sentences and on laws. They are not getting to the core of the problem. They need to encourage communities to create a place for these kids go and get them off the streets. The government needs to encourage the government to set up youth clubs or other such places where these kids can enjoy themselves and not be on the streets creating havoc. This is a socio-economic issue and is not at all about changing laws. These kids come from poor backgrounds and the right way forward is to get to them and talk to them and if their parents can't take care of them the government should do something to help the parents and help the kids in liberating them from their troubles.
Babak Monzavi, London

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