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Last Updated: Friday, 18 January 2008, 13:20 GMT
This week's programme...
Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Hello again...

David Miliband
David Miliband has an onerous post in government

Imagine waking up in the morning, and hearing on the radio that there's turmoil in some far corner of the world, and realising that you, as Foreign Secretary, have to make sense of it in an instant, probably deliver a statement to the Commons and talk to the press.

This weight is now on the youthful shoulders of David Miliband.

In the past few weeks there's been an assassination in Pakistan, violence in Kenya and this week he's had Russia turning on the British Council.

But for all that, he has a vision of how the world community needs to make rules to minimise and, ultimately, resolve these conflicts.

He intends to set out this vision in a speech this weekend, and he'll be giving his first explanation of it to us on the Politics Show.

And next week, the European Reform treaty starts its parliamentary journey (you remember the one: yes that's right - the treaty that bears so little resemblance to the constitution that we won't be getting a referendum on it).

I think we might want to put the odd question on that.

Heart of the matter

Doctor writing a prescription
Discover the facts and figures of the NHS overspend in your region

Another issue we aim to get to the heart of (that you will see is going to be the start of a pathetically lame pun) is, err - heart disease.

This is a subject close to the, well, heart of another of our guests, the government's Heart Tsar, Professor Roger Boyle.

He'll join me to discuss new Freedom of Information data gathered by the Politics Show which pinpoints those NHS trusts wasting the most cash on expensive statins.

Will your Primary Care Trust be among the worst offenders? You can find out on the website.

We'll also ask Prof Boyle whether or not it's time for a more pre-emptive approach to health care - statins for all and mass medication to save the NHS money in the long run?

Take a risk or two?

Boy playing conkers
Now where are those goggles?

And if the subjects of European constitutions and NHS waste aren't enough to get tabloid headline writers all-a-quiver, we've five more words to set their pulses racing: "health and safety gone mad".

Think goggles and conkers, potentially lethal hanging baskets and abandoned cheese-rolling traditions.

Our politicians appear to have finally twigged that perhaps this cotton-wool nannying has gone too far.

So a new body has been set up to cut through the timidities of public policy with the mantra that "Risk is Good" - we'll have the first interview with its new boss.

Careful of that cable sir...

Paying for sex

There is a fierce debate over paying for sex

All that and a new insight into public attitudes towards prostitution - is paying for sex exploitative or not?

Should those who pay be criminalised or not? E-mail us your thoughts on the e-mail form below and we'll let you know what our exclusive survey reveals.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday

The Politics Show on Sunday 20 January at 12:00 GMT on BBC One.

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