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Last Updated: Sunday, 7 October 2007, 14:57 GMT 15:57 UK
Some of your comments on the latest programme...

Sunday 07 October 2007...

Some of your e-mails and texts...

Election decision

Alistair Darling denying rumours of a November election as being started by labour? He would be more credible saying that we want to protect our (Labour) position in power rather than suggesting they were not considering an election. Brown and Darling clearly believe the public are fools!
David Franklin, England

Hold on: how can an "election be called off" that was NEVER called in the first place?! Did anyone even hear Gordon Brown mention that there may be a "snap" election this autumn? (Of course he has to plan for AN election sometime within the next 2 to 2.5 years). How vapid to accuse somebody of possibly "thinking" about something!
Danny MacTavish, Glasgow

All this talk about Brown bottling the election will be forgotten before the supposed poll was even to have taken place. Storm in a tea-cup, mountain from a molehill, call it what you will, beyond the political classes and those of us who obsess over the continuing soap-opera of Westminster this won't impact upon the lives of regular people enough for them to care for any real length of time.
Robert, UK

I have just watched Alistair Darling defending the indefensible. Gordon Brown has shot himself in the foot royally. I am disappointed on one level that David Cameron and the Conservatives did not get to challenge him in an election but think he has just lost the next general election.
Alyson Willis UK

Alistair Darling and the Labour Party continue to speak, without saying anything, or to commit to anything...Nero fiddles while Rome burns.
David Slater, England

Inheritance tax

Of course Inheritance Tax has too low a threshold at the moment. It can't be right when a schoolteacher who taught in a Reading comprehensive dies and gets caught in that tax bracket just because the house she lived in near Didcot, not anywhere at all swanky but within walking distance of the station, a very ordinary three bedroom middle class semi that her parents moved into in 1948, happens to have increased in value to more than the inheritance threshold! To her it was quite simply her home.
Meriel Gillman Faringdon, Oxfordshire

If the inheritance-tax threshold were to be increased to one million pounds, in order to pay for the shortfall all the government would have to do is stop paying so much money into the coffers of the European Union. That way we would all benefit.
Michael Edginton Winchester, Hants.


Gordon needs a fair chance to show the people what he is capable of David Cameron is making empty promises which will all start well but end us all worst off than we are in now.
Peter Edmonton

Do Mr Brown and other labour spokespeople think that the electorate are stupid? Nobody that I know believes that Mr Brown is now not calling an election because he wants to get on with the job. Spin spin spin.

Prime ministers have always chosen best time to win elections. Opposition always accuse them of political scheming. It is a non issue - it's policies and competence that matters.
Drew from Manchester

I think Gordon Brown has clearly shown he has put his own interests before the country. Very Blair!
Julie in Kent

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