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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 September 2007, 13:57 GMT 14:57 UK
Some of your comments on the latest programme...

Sunday 23 September 2007...

Some of your e-mails...

Voting abstention is essential for democracy. It is my right to express when I do not want to support any of the available candidates. We should not be trying to hide exactly how unpopular they are.
Paul Kenyon

I think it's better to have compulsory voting because it strengthens the voting system and the resulting government. Even though it weakens democracy, I think it's worth the risk.
David Key, Kent

I would rather see a fixed level of turnout after which a new election would be called. Only about 50% of those who can vote do vote. Blair and Brown have a 40% share of the vote, therefore they only have a mandate of about 20% of the population. How is this democracy? Surely the lowest limit of claiming a mandate would be 40% of the electorate, not those who bothered!
Paul Gregory, Scotland

I think that voting should be made compulsory. We are fighting a war for democracy all over the world. There are many countries around the world where the people do not get a chance to express their views. The fact that we have a democracy we should use it and be thankful for the fact we have the opportunity for it.
Nik Skelton, Manchester

Compulsory voting is just a way for politicians to try to justify their plundering of the public purse. Even with voluntary voting there should be a "none of the above" option in all votes.
Richard Edwards, England

Compulsory voting may make the disinterested vote. It won't make them any more knowledgeable or interested in politics. This would make voting more of a lottery. If you don't know or care why should you be forced to stick a pin in a piece of paper? It devalues every vote by those who know and care.
Garry Burns, England

... and some of your texts...

should'nt democracy be a about freedom? where is the freedom in compelling people to vote?'
steve, leeds

Have we turned into a police state?! people should not be made to vote if politicians don't offer us anything worth while! no to compulsory voting - win peoples loyalty!

We really can't afford another Labour government, lean to the right or no.Gordon threw away 80bn, yes, inflation is low, and interest rates aremoderate.That's deuced odd, don't you think?
Keith Murray


I voted for Labour last time not new Labour.

When i was a student i opted 2 postal vote, but never got the papers sent 4 me 2 ave that choice. I won't vote ever again.

Making voting compulsory will just further increase governmental powers in an already big brother society which promotes the myth that common man has any say in his life whatsoever.
Lindzi Graham

in the commons the three ways to vote are for, against or not voting at all thats the way its done in parliament and thats the way it should be.

the poor would vote if they felt represented. inflation rate that doesn't include house prices is nonsensical.
sean in hull.

What about those who don't vote for religious reasons? Compulsion would be an attack on their faith and beliefs.
Shaun, Daventry

what politicians need at the next elections is a massive dose of spoilt ballot papers that will focus minds
G M Sheffield

Make manifestoes compulsory not voting! They can say anything to get elected, and they do. Now if we could sue for damages from the individualswho lie... Or trigger an automatic election when they're caught out... We could believe what it says on tin. As of now, we can't. I don't want to be madea fool of again. I won't vote.
David, Brighton.

people should vote but not necessarily for a party. There should be 3 extra boxes that they can tick- disenfranchised apolitical-dont care.

Brown shouldn't spend our money on an unnecessary election - Blair did it twice and it shouldn't be repeated
B Kesby

Even if it wasn't a manifesto promise, I would still expect a referendum over a fundamental change to our constituion. Shocking.
Owain, Stafford

No one has the right to force us to vote. The politicians who advocate forced voting do not remind us that should nobody vote, this is taken asa vote of no confidence, and the Queen then has to conven an emergency cabinet. Which of course the Labour party would hate.
Charlie Forward

Compulsary voting should only be compulsion to turn up. Voting days should be on a weekend, or a public holiday. Polling stations should have lots of informations, presentations, activities etc to get people involved. The day could be called something ispirational, People Power Day? :)

I am highly interested in politics, watch all such shows, and at 5 7 have never voted. Until we have P R , I will not!
roger williams, barking

Have u considered the fact that the people that do not vote,do it because neither Labour nor Conservative hv shown dependability or continuity on unfinished projects? False promises. Chat is cheap but Action speaks louder than words.

If the people are to be forced to vote, then let us vote for democracy not the party political dictatorship we suffer from now. Get rid of thewips offices.
Ted Higgins

It seems from my observations, that those that don't vote perceive that there is no connection between thier vote and outcome in thier lives.I don't suggest going back to property ownership & voting rights but bringing back personnel connection between vote & outcome is necessary to overcome the present apathy.
M. Oakley

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