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The Politics Show's Citizen Test...

Have you wondered what a Citizen Test would be like... every fancied testing yourself on a few questions about Britain..?

These are the sorts of questions you'd be asked if you took the UK Citizenship Test.

So how much do you know?

Question 1
What are the minimum ages for buying alcohol and tobacco?
A: 16 and 18
B: 18 and 16
C: 18 for both
D: 21 and 16
Question 2
How many people live in the countries of the UK?
A: 55 million
B: 58 million
C: 60 million
D: 67 million
Question 3
How often are general elections held?
A: every four years
B: every five years
C: every 4-5 years, but there is no set timetable
D: whenever the Queen wants one
Question 4
Are newspapers free to publish opinions or do they have to remain impartial?
A: They must remain impartial
B: They donít have to be impartial but they must be fair to everyone
C: They can publish anything they like
D: They can publish anything subject to the libel laws and press code of conduct
Question 5
Where in the UK is proportional representation used?
A: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, London and for the European Parliament
B: Scotland, Wales and the European Parliament
C: Scotland, Northern Ireland and London
D: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London
Question 6
Where is the Prime Ministerís official home in London?
A: Downing Street
B: Parliament Square
C: Richmond Terrace
D: Whitehall Place
Question 7
What rights do citizens of European Union states have to travel and work?
A: They can travel wherever they like within the EU but they need permits to work outside their own country
B: They can travel and work wherever they like within the EU
C: They can travel anywhere in the EU but they canít work in the new member states
D: They can travel and work anywhere in the EU except Malta and Cyprus because they are too small
Question 8
How many young people go on to higher education?
A: 10%
B: 28%
C: 43%
D: 51%
Question 9
What proportion of children live in single parent families?
A: 5%
B: 15%
C: 24%
D: 37%
Question 10
What proportion of people say they have a religion?
A: 50%
B: 60%
C: 70%
D: 80%

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