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Last Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007, 13:23 GMT 14:23 UK
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Sunday 03 June 2007...

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No mention is made of all the thousands of friendly, well-behaved dogs who are a huge help to people every single day. Why should all the decent dogs of whatever breed have to suffer for those tiny minority who are owned by morons? These horrific attacks have nothing to do with strange dogs, but dogs owned by the people themselves, so why should others have to suffer because they failed to bring their dogs up properly and responsibly?
Dee Fitzpatrick, England

Dogs ARE an important issue - they frequently ruin people┐s lives and make their homes hell to be in. This is anti social behaviour that we need protection from. So yes move it up the agenda.
Laura Marcus, Staffs

You let Peter Hain off the hook... he did not answer the 50p tax question! I feel frustrated that yet another squirming politician has got away with it. I found myself shouting ┐answer the bloody question┐ at the TV.
Jonathan Brown, UK

Two points on this. Raising marginal rates of income tax blunts incentives for all who work and weakens GDP growth. There is decades worth of evidence from numerous countries that every time marginal income tax rates were lowered, government revenues from income tax actually went up, not down. It is no coincidence that large philanthropic donations have been made in economies which are a) generally prosperous, b) have a fair share of very wealthy people, c) do not have punitive rates of income tax. Neither Peter Hain, nor any politician of any party, is going to encourage anyone to make philanthropic donations by raising taxes. By their very nature such donations are voluntary, made by people who can afford them, who are willing to spread some of the benefits of their good fortune more widely.
Nicholas MacCabe

Rocky's dog Shep after the attack
Rocky's dog Shep after the attack

The government, when considering changing the dangerous dog act, which it must, should also consult victims of dog attacks. My friend had her ear bitten off and my dog was savaged by a Pit Bull and I suffered a terrible asthma attack. Thankfully in our case the perpetrator was eventually found after absconding and leaving the scene.

Rocky's dog Shep after the attack
Rocky's dog Shep after the attack
But the scars are not just physical, we are left with mental scars of having to re-live this nightmare every day, because there are too many out of control dogs running loose and very little is done. There is only a national outcry when a little child is tragically killed ┐ the government and authorities must take preventative measures now before it is too late.
Rocky Fernandez, London

My wife is a local council Dog Warden and she regularly comes home complaining about the police not dealing with dangerous dogs which are reported to her and which is the responsibility of the police to deal with. The most common complaint is that police officers just do not know the law on dogs and cannot be bothered to deal with it properly. ┐A quiet word┐ is often their response. My wife is dealing with a particular dog which has attacked other dogs on three occasions. The police will not prosecute as the dog has not attacked a human - yet! The police need to be properly trained before they are given more powers. I was a police officer for 30 years, and 4 years since retirement I still know more about the current law than serving officers.
Paul Cooper, England

Democracy surely involves transparency and accountability at the heart of our political process. MPs should make their expenses fully subject to scrutiny by the people that they represent. Otherwise we are NO better than the tinpot dictatorships that we regularly declare war upon. We must not allow our M.P. s to escape without protest.
Dr. F Qureshi, Slough

Regarding your show this morning I think dog owners should be punished not the dogs. There┐s no such thing as bad dog, just bad owners! Rottweiler owner with 6 kids, Derby

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