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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 January 2007, 21:40 GMT
So you think you know your David Cameron?

Question 1
David Cameron was a special adviser to which Home Secretary between 1993 and 1994?
A: David Waddington
B: Kenneth Baker
C: Ken Clarke
D: Michael Howard
Question 2
What career did David Cameron pursue before becoming an MP?
A: Finance
B: Public relations
C: Journalism
D: Refuse collection
Question 3
David Cameron represents the constituency of Witney, but which former Conservative grandee used to represent it?
A: Geoffrey Howe
B: Douglas Hurd
C: Michael Heseltine
D: Norman Fowler
Question 4
Which shadow cabinet portfolio did David Cameron hold before running for party leader?
A: Home Affairs
B: Health
C: Trade and Industry
D: Education
Question 5
Who did David Cameron defeat in the Conservative leadership runoff?
A: David Davis
B: Ken Clarke
C: Liam Fox
D: Sir Malcolm Rifkind
Question 6
In the 2006 local elections, Labour ran an advertisement painting David Cameron as what?
A: Margaret Thatcher in disguise
B: A crab
C: A chameleon
D: A gazelle
Question 7
What was the Conservative slogan for the 2006 local elections?
A: Be Green, Vote Conservative
B: Vote Blue, Go Green
C: The Green Way Forward
D: Vote Conservative for a liberal future
Question 8
In his first PMQs, David Cameron told the government chief whip to stop doing what?
A: Fixing the membership of a select committee
B: Blocking Conservative attempts to amend a bill
C: Shouting like a child
D: Throwing books at his colleagues
Question 9
David Cameron likes to cycle to work, but why did this cause controversy in 2006?
A: He was photographed riding on the pavement
B: He refused to wear a bicycle helmet
C: His papers were brought in a car travelling separately
D: He didnít have to pedal: his bicycle had a small motor
Question 10
What did David Cameron mean when he said politicians should be less concerned about GDP, and more concerned about GWB?
A: Tax should be redistributed, overcoming barriers to general wealth
B: Britain should distance itself from the policies of George W. Bush
C: He wants the Green Welly Brigade to have more of a say in politics
D: Politicians should be interested in General Well Being, not just wealth

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