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Last Updated: Friday, 29 June 2007, 13:49 GMT 14:49 UK
A week in politics and all that...
Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Jacqui Smith and David Miliband
Smith and Miliband - a time of elevation

Hello again, What to say about this week? As John Prescott might have said (remember him?), the tectonic plates have shifted decisively, and now there is a new political landscape to survey.

Gordon Brown has been busy shaping his first cabinet, with eye catching appointments like that of David Miliband as Foreign Secretary, and the first female Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith.

It's all geared to make us notice that things have changed - got that?

Gordon Brown used the word "change" eight times in his short address in Downing Street.

Will it work?

William Hague
Hague - watching the way forward...

We have an exclusive poll which will give us the first indication of whether voters think there is change at the top.

Max Cotton will be taking a majesterial overview of the week's events, and I'll be looking ahead with the Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague.


And whilst Gordon Brown may have achieved the political equivalent of a full house, the bingo industry is hoping that he may extend some largesse to them.

Lady playing bingo
How easy will the ban be to police?

Bingo is played by three million people in the UK (according to the National Bingo Association).

But its future looks uncertain.

One MP estimates 200 clubs are currently under threat of closure.

Fans point out that the industry is taxed twice, unlike other gambling industries, and then there's the smoking ban.

The ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces comes into force in England on 01 July, following similar bans in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Will it prove the final nail in Bingo's coffin?

Becky Milligan has her eyes down.

Chin chin...

Grapes on the vine
The grapes of wrath - well English wine at least...

And do you like a glass of wine with the Politics Show?*

There could be good news on the way for English wine growers - courtesy of the EU.

Paola Buanodonna will explain all.

That's all on the Politics Show on Sunday at 12 noon- put the chardonnay on ice.

* I do, but my editor won't let me.

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