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Last Updated: Sunday, 3 December 2006, 15:27 GMT
Some of your comments on the latest programme...

Sunday 03 December 2006

I work very hard and always have done so, when I see these neets on your program it makes us very angry. They should be rounded up and told get a job or two years national service to the country no if or buts. I am sixty years of age and have always worked.
Roger Reid, Kent

I'm not, and never have been, in as disadvantaged a position as some of the "NEET's" mentioned in the program. But I have been disenfranchised from the education system, purely because of its lack of flexibility. I didn't want to go to university to study an hons degree, and I found A-levels most oppressive in the way they were taught. At the moment I am technically unemployed, but I work part time for my family business. I have been forced to apply for colleges abroad in order to satisfy my desire for a liberal education.
Oliver, UK

You don't just "...fall pregnant...." as one of your interviewees asserted. You get pregnant by having sex ! Even an old age pensioner like me can remember that. Perhaps that's why she and her mates can't get out of bed to do a decent job instead of skiving in so-called further education. Your interviewer should have put this to the young woman instead of just accepting her view and asked her why I should pay for her "mistake" and her mates scrounging through my taxes.
Edward Wheatley

I would say to the minister who claims crime falls once they tidy up estates - these cosmetic improvements, whilst undoubtedly very welcome by the residents, merely push crime elsewhere. What's needed is tough action by the police and the courts. We hardly need more legislation - the country is awash with it - we just need action. Dish out severe sentences for any violent crime, next tough sentencing for criminal damage and anti-social behaviour, and finally burglary and car break-ins should be given a more tough sentencing by the courts. One hears of cases where in sentencing some criminals have 30 or 40 other crimes taken into consideration! and yet they are still out again inside 6 months - that is quite frankly crazy!
Robert Sandall, UK

Your Politics Show today has prompted me to reply both for the younger people of this country but imparticular for my son. Your program asked the question were we breeding kids that dont want to WORK and contribute nothing to society. Well lets look at some of the facts from their perspective. My son is 24 and gets paid 4.75p an hour. Working in retail with a very responsible position. After 30 hours overtime last month his NET take home pay was 930.00p. He needs a car to travel to work because he is expected to do different shifts at different stores. So public transport is just not convenient. His insurance for the car is 1000+ per year and thats with NO accidents or convictions.Never mind the ordinary running costs. HOW COULD HE EVER GET ON THE PROPERTY LADDER. Finally is it any wonder these immigrants love coming here when even this pittence of pay is four times their own monthly pay. Add to his costs future road charging and the distance he covers at peak times. It will be better for him to stay at home. JUST LIKE all the other scroungers. The government is making us all think why do we bother? Where years ago the well to do people of this country enforced the SLAVERY TRADE. It still exsists but nowadays people flock here voluntarily. This is at a cost to our own young people who can't exsist themselves on the paltry wages these FAT CATS want to pay. I myself am fifty three and believe now like many that the government thinks more of asylum seekers and foreigners than they do of someone like myself who is skilled and has NEVER been out of work and contributed everything to society but FOR WHAT? So I can have no proper pension when I retire. The sooner these liberal-minded people realise we are only an island and we can't support ourselves never mind all these immigrants the better for everyone.
Mike Thompson, England

It is the sad political fact that most crime takes places in electoral wards that cannot be lost - or won. And although there will be much public agonizing, resources are will be targeted towards gaining - or shoring up, votes in marginal constituencies. Talk, however, is dirt cheap.
Jack Maclean, England

Why did Jon Sopel allow the Green Party representative to get away with the statement to the effect that aviation growth comes from rich people flying more often? there was a survey done at Stansted, which showed that passengers' average income was substantially higher than that of the average income? Clearly, since Stansted serves the South East and is accessible by a direct line from the City, its passengers are going to be richer on average than those using, for instance, Leeds-Bradford or Manchester. Suggesting a survey conducted at a single airport can determine who is responsible for the growth in aviation is clearly absurd.

I enjoyed your report on youth unemployment. It is about time we asked serious questions about is persistence in the light of 12 years of unbroken economic growth and our substantial immigrant workforce.
John Fishley, UK

Perhaps Mr Davis would like to widen his 'research' and go and talk to the Architectural Liaison Officers throughout the police forces in England, many of whom have been doing an excellent job in helping to design out crime for several years. In addition, multi-agency working, introduced nationally following the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 has gone a significant way, in many areas to design out crime. Surely we should be asking the media to put into context the real risk of victimisation rather than focussing upon the relatively few violent incidents that stir up these perceptions.
Carol Jones, UK

I nominate Margaret Thatcher. She dragged this country back to respectability after Labour's total mismanagement in the 70's. Three days weeks, everyone on strike for anything. Unfortunately Bliar is doing even worse, I am not sure if we can recover again. Certainly 'call me Dave' hasn't got what it takes.
Allen, England

These were some of your comments on the Politics Show on Sunday 03 December 2006 at 12:00 GMT on BBC One.

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