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Last Updated: Sunday, 26 November 2006, 14:14 GMT
Some of your comments on the latest programme...

Sunday 26 November 2006

Oh how I would like to see Lord Drayson face to face in a studio with the soldier who stated that supplies are inadequate.
Bob Bottamley, UK

Today you have had Lord Drayson on the show talking about the military/ security situation in Iraq. He was also talking about Britain's future decisions on the nuclear capability. Can I ask how a totally unelected quango be given full stage to talk about such things. Why was the current elected Minister for defence not invited to talk about such subjects. Is this another of the ongoing "Blair's" friends being given centre stage on all matters concerning this country instead of the persons we elected to talk and act on our behalf.
Paul Lowery, England

Surely restoration of our canals should continue and we should use this slower but greener way of transporting goods. If the are sent earlier than usual, this could good the job easily and helping to save the planet at the same time. In fact we should all slow down. But, of course, we still have business interests to moan about it.
Pat Thomas, London

This is not a question but a suggestion on improving the transport problems we experience now and will do in the future. Surely the easiest way to assist this is to encourage people and companies on a large scale to live locally to their place of employment. I changed jobs from commuting 260 miles a day to commuting 8 miles a day. It was a big decision but improved my life and my families, and in addition helped the reduction in global warming albeit on a small scale.
Calvin Ryan, UK

I'm enjoying watching today's programme whilst painting the kitchen, but have been shaking my head over the MALE views that we should all get out of our cars. I'm a middle-aged single woman - and if I have to make a journey during the evening I will not consider anything other than my car. I regularly read about lone women being attacked whilst on trains, buses or when using taxis but not when safely travelling inside their own vehicles. The most efficient public transport system isn't going to change that.
J Hill

Congestion. You ran a session on transport and congestion on today's show. One comment I have to add is that I currently live in West Yorkshire near Wakefield and commute to Leeds. I would love to use the train network to get to work. The main problem is that if I do not get to the car park by 7:30am it is full and there is no-where nearby I can park. If the government wants people to use public transport rather than private cars surely they need to make the facilities available - i.e. adequate parking. The fact that most trains are late on a daily basis is another issue.
Ian Nelson, UK

These were some of your comments on the Politics Show on Sunday 26 November 2006 at 12:00 GMT on BBC One.

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