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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 November 2006, 14:55 GMT
Trident replacement debate in Parliament
Peter Hain
Well the government will take a view on this and I'll be part of taking that view
Peter Hain

Speaking on the Politics Show this Sunday, Northern Ireland Secretary, Peter Hain, called for a full consultation with the Labour Party about a replacement for the Trident nuclear weapons system.

Peter Hain said: "We'll need to make a decision quite soon as to what replaces it, but the way in which we make that decision, and this is really the basis upon which I'm standing for the Deputy Leadership in respect of other policies, is there should not be bouncing the party or the public from on high.

"In my view there should be a debate in parliament and the vote in parliament."

However, he refused to be drawn when questioned by Jon Sopel about whether such a consultation should be binding: "Well the government will take a view on this and I'll be part of taking that view."

Judicial decision

Mr Hain also emphasised the need for a debate about any plan to bring back the 90 day detention proposal, and emphasised the importance of civil liberties:

"What's important here," he said, "and of course the government pressed the case of a longer period, 90 days than the twenty eight days.

"What's important for me is that it is the judiciary that makes the decision to extend the period in detention beyond every week, rather than government ministers."

He added: "On the one hand we have to be very, very tough and vigilant about security and it's very difficult to investigate these terrorist offences and crimes without detaining people and investigating them.

"On the other hand, we have to jealously guard liberty."

Rival attack

Peter Hain also attacked one of his rivals for the Deputy leadership:

"On John Cruddas's point, the idea that the Deputy Leader would not be in the Cabinet, which is John's position, is extraordinary.

"That would take us back to the old days of a King across the water in Party Headquarters and then government in the cabinet, in Number 10.

"You need a Deputy Leader right at the heart of government, influencing that, making sure that we establish a new partnership as I want to see between the leadership in Number 10 and the government as a whole and the grass roots of the Party."

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