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Last Updated: Sunday, 29 October 2006, 13:54 GMT
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Sunday 05 November 2006

Of course, we should fully-pardon all soldiers that were denied free and fair trials at the time (as they all were). We're all grown up now and we now know just what soldiers suffered in the theatre of war. Spike Milligan suffered terribly, as our own fathers must surely have done. The conditions in the First World War, in particular, were utterly appalling. Let them now rest in peace - many were so young - and let us be grateful that they even bothered to go and fight for us in the first place. It's all very well for historians to be so high and mighty now. We live our lives on the lives they lost and we're so very grateful for their sacrifice.
Penelope, Godalming

Sunday 29 October 2006

If the government really is genuine about wanting to ease global warming it will abandon its policy of smearing the countryside with tarmac and inhibiting rail investment, and practice its professed policy of encouraging public transport.

It will ease air traffic, by encouraging bringing the European traffic down to Earth and pushing it through the channel tunnel. That is NOT achieved by the present minuscule air fares and astronomical rail fares.

It will repent of regretting that, because of devolution, it has been unable to scupper the planned light rail scheme for Edinburgh, and instead repent of having scuppered those for Leeds, Liverpool and South Hampshire.

The savings by substituting bus schemes, are not only minimal they are very temporary, and that goes for hybrids like the "Sprint" proposed between Nuneaton and Kenilworth.

To roll rubber on tarmac takes a lot more energy than to roll steel on steel. Thus operating a rail vehicle is not only less polluting than operating a road one it is also much less expensive. To stop a bus uses energy previously obtained by burning fossil fuels. A vehicle propelled by electric motors can stop by absorbing energy from those coasting motors. An electric vehicle that obtains energy from the National Grid can stop by returning such energy to the National Grid.
Peter A. Moore, United Kingdom

Whilst the problems of carbon emissions obviously have to be tackled, listening to David Cameron and hearing about the Governments proposals convince me that they do not wish to tackle the real cause of the problem.

It is the population explosion which is the root cause as people wishing to live better lives create the increasing carbon emissions.

Until politicians tackle this by measures to reduce population, such as eliminating child allowances beyond the second child, their proposals which will only cause hardship and unemployment, particularly to the lower paid, can hardly be taken seriously.
Laurie Lichtenhein, Portugal

Carbon emissions. All new build houses should be required to install solar panels for water heating. This would be much cheaper and cost effective than post build installation. Post build installation should attract substantial grants. The carbon saving over the long term would be very significant.
Don Wardell, England

Re climate change and this morning's show. Why is it that the bbc shows people who are 100% for the green policy, when if you read today's daily mail's article by a professor it will be seen that not everyone agrees with all this 'green'.

To think that this small island will make any change to the world's ever changing climate, whatever we do, I feel that they are living in 'cloud cuckoo' land.

Many thanks
Mr.G.S.Greatorex, Wales

Due to 30% of the CO2 coming from the use of Electric energy consumption. Would it not be best for Cameron to create legislation ensuring all offices must have wind turbines, solar water heating and electric panels which should also be placed on local council buildings and schools. Thus cutting the CO2 dramatically. Including saving council tax spending on heating and lighting Bills. Which would also increasing company profits. As well as bring in extra funds for local schools and universities.
Stephen Ellis, England

In order to set and example does this mean that Ministers will ditch their ministerial Jaguars and ride around in Vauxhall Corsas. I think not. All government vehicles are tax exempt!!
Gary Smith, UK

Listening to David Cameron and hearing about the government's proposals convince me that they do not wish to tackle the real cause of the problem.
Laurie Lichtenhein, Portugal

Global warming is used as an excuse for a further series of stealth taxes.
Peter Richardson

I must say that Cameron is beginning to to make sense to me - he is undoubtedly sincere and has a quite refreshing honesty.
Charles Downing

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