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Last Updated: Friday, 15 September 2006, 12:02 GMT 13:02 UK
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Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
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Jon Sopel on set
The new autumn series is ready for the off...

When I first became a political correspondent many moons ago I was told by my boss that one should work hard when the Commons was sitting and enjoy the time when it wasn't - because nothing ever happened then.

He then rang me in the South of France to tell me that Saddam's tanks had rolled into Kuwait, the Commons was coming back for an emergency debate, and I would have to come back to London.

So was I surprised then when someone else's tanks seemed to be rolling across Tony Blair's lawn at the fag end of the summer holidays? Not entirely.

But who could have failed to have been shocked/entertained/appalled (delete as applicable) by the carnage that ensued.

Clearing the red fog

Hazel Blears MP
Hazel Blears may clear that fog...

Yep, the Labour leadership has been having a spot of bother recently, and on our first programme, we'll be peering deeper into the murk to bring you the very latest.

With both the leadership and the deputy leadership of the party expected to be up for grabs, we'll ask who's likely to stand, and who's likely to win.

Is there a stop Gordon campaign?

And are we possibly - gulp - in for a nine month campaign? Hazel Blears the party chair will be with us live.

Flying the yellow flag

And then there's the Liberal Democrats.

As the yellow party gather in Brighton for their annual conference, we'll be focusing on the party's new tax plans.

The leadership wants to adopt the suggestions of the party's tax commission, which reported last month.

In other words, a complete overhaul of the party's tax proposals, including increasing taxes on pollution and, most controversially, dropping the party's policy of a 50p tax rate for higher earners.

So will the party conference wear it, and what does it tell us about the direction of the Lib Dems?

I'll talk to the party's President, Simon Hughes.

Referenda and referendums

Saira Khan talks to Susan Kramer
Saira Khan talks to Liberal Democrat, Susan Kramer, in Nottingham

And the loudest woman in Britain is back and this time she's turning her attention to politics.

The Apprentice's Saira Khan, has launched a campaign for more referendums in Britain.

She says what she calls the "broken politics" of Britain can only be fixed by giving people more of a direct say in more decisions.

An idea whose time has come, or a recipe for paralysis?

Saira will pick up her megaphone once more, and I'll take cover behind the sofa.

Join me on Sunday at 12 noon - the roast can wait.

The Politics Show on Sunday 17 September 2006 at 12:00 BST on BBC One.

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