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Last Updated: Friday, 26 November, 2004, 16:44 GMT
London: Olympic lottery?
Christine Phillips
Politics Show London

An artist's impression of the proposed Olympic Park in east London
London's 2012 bid: Remember Montreal

London has put its Olympic cards on the table. The details of the capital's bid for the 2012 games have been submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and now made public.

London's bidding team have until July 2005 to convince the world it is the right choice to host the Olympics in eight years time.

Support for the bid is growing.

A BBC Poll shows national support is around 75%, although in London it is just 69%.

On Politics Show, Karl Mercer reports from Montreal, the host city for the Games in 1976.

While the Games themselves made money, the city is still paying for the Olympic stadium and infrastructure nearly 30 years later.

Financial disaster

Montreal's original bill was $310m but thanks to mismanagement, disputes and an added security bill, the total exceeded $1.5bn.

The Montreal Olympic stadium was originally named "The Big O".

By the time the Games were staged it was not finished, losing thousands of valuable seats.

In 1999 the Montreal stadium's roof collapsed.

Olympic rings glow on the bridge
Sydney lit up during the games

Now the stadium is known to city inhabitants as "The Big Owe", a legacy no one wants to repeat.

It is perhaps from Montreal's pursuit of the Games that London could learn.

The City's flamboyant mayor, Jean Drapeau, worked non-stop to persuade the IOC that his city was the one for these Games.

His lobbying paid off, as Montreal emerged as the underdog winner, beating higher-profile candidates like Moscow and Los Angeles.

... And

Cutting deaths on London's roads

You are more likely to die in a traffic accident on London's roads than to be murdered.

In 2003 272 people were killed. It is a pattern repeated all over the country.

In the Capital, Transport for London say they are spending 43m a year on road safety.

The money is spent on educating road users and on making roads safer.

And there are signs that their initiatives may be paying off.

The number of road deaths have fallen by 28% in the first six months of this year compared to the same period in 2003.

The Government insists it is committed to seeing the number of people killed and seriously hurt in road traffic crashes reduced, but campaigners argue it is not doing enough.

Sterner sentencing?

David Blunkett
David Blunkett says new measures will favour victims of dangerous drivers

RoadPeace which campaigns on behalf of road traffic victims says the Courts are too lenient with drivers.

At the moment only a small fraction of drivers involved in killing someone are charged with death by dangerous driving.

RoadPeace wants to see tougher penalties with more motorists going to prison.

There is also evidence that the Metropolitan Police Authority is reducing the number of Road Traffic officers they use.

The Met's former head of traffic, Chief Superintendent Mike McAndrew, says he regrets the trend, but is not surprised:

"Senior Police Offices have targets to meet for robbery and for burglary and it is not surprising that they divert resources from traffic, where the penalties if they do not produce results are less."

In a recent report, the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee, voiced concern at the falling numbers of Road Traffic Officers and called on the Government to reform the law in the way it deals with dangerous drivers.

It is still waiting to see a review of Road Traffic Offences commissioned by the Home Office 18 months ago.

Politics Show

Join Tim Donovan on Politics Show for an in-depth analysis of these issues.

So what are your views on this issue? Let Politics Show London know what you think. That is Politics Show, Sunday 21, November at 12.30pm.

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