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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 November, 2003, 13:37 GMT
Midlands: Comment on this weeks programme

Your comments about the programme on Sunday, 13 February, 2005.

Lee from Cosford: Why do children in primary school not truant? Maybe we should look at how we treat high school kids?

J Poulter, 16, Notts: How useless is the fact that at my school being 5minutes late 2 registration makes police send home letters, this HAS 2 be a waste of time!

David from Nottingham: I don't blame kids for truanting, the education they get is awful, boring and pointless. Give them an interesting and decent education NOW.

The system isn't tackling bullies says Chris the school and education dept backed off and didn't want to help as soon as they found out our child was off school because of bullying. this is a dereliction of their duties and it stinks

Sarah (Coventry): I entirely agree with the Liberal Democrat MP's views on truancy. If pupils were interested and engaged at school they wouldn't want to truant. Many pupils would benefit from vocational training. The last thing we should be doing is taking these children away from their parents just because they don't want to be in school.

Dr Harkishan Vaghela, Leicester: My daughter attends school in Leicester. I received a school attendance report two weeks ago. I saw her form tutor and both the school report and the computerised school attendance register, were totally inaccurate. How can parents be sure their children are not playing truant if the school give the attendance register a low priority and are more concerned with keeping their reputation than with providing parents with accurate information.

Gemma Hutchinson: I believe the government are tackling this problem from the wrong end. Education should be an entitlement, not a prison sentence. Children who feel valued and respected, whose education is geared to their interests and abilities, will be motivated to attend. Children who are not achieving and who are not treated with respect have no incentive whatsoever to be in the school environment.

Peter Bolt, Redditch: Let the kids leave school at the age of 15 provided they go to employment\apprenticeship guaranteed until the age of 20yrs.Let them take their erstwhile school funding with them. In my day almost all private firms (eg Banks; Solicitors: Manufactures etc)provided such a service.

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