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Last Updated: Monday, 7 March, 2005, 01:22 GMT
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Very interesting programme that covered various issues that inspired people to go out and do something about it. Unfortunately direct action is the only way to be heard with politicians. Chit chat meetings do not work hence the equal parenting issue has been around for 30 plus years until Fathers 4 Justice came along. Now the injustices of family law are coming to light but yet government are still trying to sweep it under the carpet. Thank you for showing that at the end of the day we are ordinary folk highlighting issues that personally affect our lives and the people we voted into power are deaf, blind and dumb to our injustices.
Claire Stubbings, West Sussex, England

The programme was inspiring and emotional to watch, especially the Fathers for Justice and the animal rights protest in Shoreham. I would like to have seen the anti war protest in London, as I feel very strongly about the government's reason for going to war. However I was pleased to see that the BBC has once again created a worthwhile programme representing the views of the nation. It makes me satisfied that I am getting value for money from the licence fee. Thank you.
Daniel De Silva, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Considering that next weekend Hyde Park will no doubt be packed to the brim and overflowing with Anti-War demonstrators, I would have thought that the large, peaceful, global demonstrations that have taken and will take place deserved a mention. People power is immense, I do hope that this programme will inspire many more to join together and stand up for what is just and fair.
Kerri Edmondson, Lowestoft, England

I watched the programme this evening and whilst looking at the live animals loaded in the trucks leaving England I thought to myself that's just like us when we go to the polling stations, not knowing what's ahead of us. We are constantly being duped by governments. I am glad to see people fighting for what they believe in.
Sue, Weybridge, Surrey

Having watched the programme this evening I was absolutely disgusted by the unbalanced anti-Police viewpoint presented. This is not the kind of informative programming I would expect from the BBC. If I could, I would refuse to pay my licence fee in future I was that appalled by the bias and over simplistic reporting.
C Black, Lancaster, England

It's great to have a programme that actually seems to encourage people to have the courage of their convictions and get out and protest. Also, to have protesters portrayed as ordinary reasonable people, rather than extremists or fanatics.

I did, though have a sense of expectation which wasn't met, because I thought this programme couldn't possibly go ahead without even a mention of the current Stop the War campaign. It has been mobilising masses of (ordinary, often previously apolitical) people into activists over recent times.

It has not reached its ultimate aim, but has forced the government to make itself more accountable for its actions and been central to exposing the lies on which it took us to war. Of course in addition, the anti-war movement has brought about the biggest demonstration in British history, in conjunction with similar actions across the entire globe. Surely worthy of some mention?!
Stephanie Nesteruk, Rushden, Northants

Why are people currently involved in so many protests? Simple - politicians with a general election on the horizon now vociferously claim to want to 'engage with the electorate'. Having ignored the anti-war, countryside, council tax, closure of schools and care homes etc. etc. protesters for years, all of a sudden they want to know about the issues that concern us? What a joke!
Morag Butcher, Colyton, Devon

In my opinion people are only apathetic to voting when politicians take no notice of their opinions. For instance, two million people from all over the country, many from Devon, marched against the war in Iraq but Tony Blair took no notice of them and went to war regardless on information which was flawed.

During an election campaign they will make all sorts of promises but we have no redress to hold them to account if they change their promises, as for instance on student fees, afterwards. Tony Blair has said he will not stand again after the next election so what incentive is there for him to keep any promises he might make now.
Tony Cordrey, Kingsbridge, Devon

I'm so disgusted at the lies from party politicians that I'm standing as an Independent County Councillor in May. I would urge more of you to do the same.
Ken Walters, Ormskirk, England

I think that it's important that the people of this country are still able to voice their opinions and put pressure on the Government concerning issues such as those in People Power. This programme was great as it highlighted some of the most important public order debates in recent times and I think that we should commend those involved for leading the way in our modern democracy.
Charlotte Hulm, Weymouth, England

Why did the programme not cover the two largest demonstrations in this country's history - the anti-war demo and the Countryside Alliance march? The political bias of the BBC never ceases to amaze me.
Howard Timms, London, UK

Thank you for a deeply engrossing programme. I'm 18 but found that extremely interesting and in fact understand why people power is becoming more prominent in the UK. If the government doesn't want to listen to the public, people power is becoming the only solution to get heard. I support the fathers for justice too. The way they operate seems the only way to get heard.
Aaron, Beds, UK

I enjoyed the programme, however I was amazed that the anti war movement in 2003 wasn't included. Why was this? I thought it was a disgrace not to include the biggest protest ever within the history of British public protest, for the public broadcaster to omit this is criminal.
Aaron Kiddell, Oxford

Quite interesting but a shame this documentary didn't delve into the changing laws and how they are being used to curtail the right to protest (from the public order act of 1986 to more recent legislation that can be used to stop more than one person protesting).

It is also propagating those protest myths of normal person/professional protestor good protestor/bad protestor. 'Normal' people have been on other protests including the so-called j-18 protests in the City of London a few years ago.
Mike, London

While I enjoyed the programme, how could a programme on protest be made but leave out the anti war march that had over a million people marching? That movement was easily bigger than three of protests the programme featured, and arguably bigger and more important than the Poll Tax protests
Michael Gordon, Portsmouth, UK

That programme was emotional and awe inspiring; it was great to see people of Britain rally together to stand and fight in something they believe in.
Joseph Woodward, Somerset

Successive governments have shown an increasing tendency to trample over ordinary people's freedoms. When 70% of Labour MPs always vote on the party line, democracy ceases to exist and we need to fight to keep the minimal representation in Parliament that we still have.
Dave Gould, Bristol

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