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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 March, 2005, 11:50 GMT
People Power on the BBC
To tie in with the People Power documentary broadcast at 2215GMT on Sunday, March 13, several other BBC programmes also covered the topics of protest and political apathy.

Here is a quick guide to what was broadcast.

Tuesday, 8 March, 2005

  • All in the Mind, BBC Radio 4

    2100GMT: featured a piece on 'externality'. Professor Raj Persaud visited a school to speak about avoidance of responsibility and their attitudes and opinions towards political and moral life.

Friday, 11 March, 2005

  • Today in Parliament, BBC Radio 4, 1130GMT: Mark D'Arcy interviewed Peter, Hain, the Leader of the House of Commons. The programme also explored the question of growing apathy and political disenchantment with traditional British politics and how ordinary people - disillusioned with the process - campaign on single issue subjects in order to effect change.

Sunday, 13 March, 2005

  • Breakfast, BBC One, 0830GMT: A film about Sylvia Harding, a pensioner who's refusing to pay her full council tax because she objects to how much it's gone up in relation to her pension. As well as being prepared to go to prison for her cause, she travels up and down the country campaigning and supporting other pensioners who are having problems paying their council tax. 

    There was a discussion after the film talking about the rise of single issue politics compared to the drop in voting - Guests in the discussion were Nick Jones, a political commentator and Professor John Keane, a Professor of Politics from the University of Westminster.

  • The Politics Show, BBC One, 1230GMT: Sunder Katwala, General Secretary of the Fabian Society, argueed for a backlash against apathy, and warned that we all need to pay attention to politics.

  • BBC Parliament, 1800GMT: ran the best coverage of Select Committee Hearings where investigations and hearings have been a result of People Power/direct action. They concentrated on are Fuel (Trade & Industry Committee) and F4J (Constitutional Affairs Committee).

People Power was broadcast on Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 2215GMT on BBC One


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