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NOVEMBER 30 2003

Britain has caught luxury fever, and lenders are falling over themselves to give us credit. How long can Britain continue to spend and is payback around the corner?

NOVEMBER 23 2003

Panorama has had exclusive access to the secret and controversial work of the Iraq Survey Group as they hunt for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.

NOVEMBER 16 2003

For three months, a member of the Panorama team worked as a care worker with elderly people living at home. She secretly recorded her experiences.


In April 2003, Panorama producer Tom Giles and BBC World Affairs editor John Simpson were caught in a friendly fire incident in Iraq. This is the story of that incident in which our translator was killed.


Panorama investigates the infamous Clydach murders and finds similarities between this case and earlier miscarriages of justice which happened in south Wales.

OCTOBER 26 2003

Panorama investigates the proliferation of the crack cocaine trade in rural areas, how quickly it is spreading and how police forces are struggling to cope.

OCTOBER 19 2003

With a nod to the famous quiz show, Panorama examines the Government's proposals to allow Universities to charge tuition fees of up to 3,000 a year.

OCTOBER 12 2003

It is now 25 years since Pope John Paul took his seat at the Vatican. Panorama investigates how Pope John Paul II came to be accused of ruining thousands of lives.

OCTOBER 5 2003

Panorama uncovers the true picture of this new system of arrest, detention, interrogation and trial by military commission at the infamous camp.


For three long, hot and increasingly violent months, Panorama filmed US troops in Baghdad who came to rebuild Iraq but were sucked into an urban guerrilla war.

JULY 23 2003

For six months a Panorama reporter went through Britain's asylum system. Her task - to find out why so many people seek asylum in the UK and why the system cannot cope.

JULY 13 2003

Panorama returns to some of the stories covered in the last year and examines how these programmes have prompted changes in many of the areas investigated.

JULY 6 2003

A special investigation into IVF treatment reveals what's happening inside some fertility clinics and asks if the law and the regulator are failing to protect patients' interests?

JUNE 29 2003

Panorama investigates the NHS and uncovers disturbing evidence about the lengths that some hospitals will go to in order to achieve the government's targets.

JUNE 22 2003

Panorama enters the dark and sinister world of the Ulster Defence Association and finds a gangland power struggle which has spread to the mainland UK.

JUNE 15 2003

While attention was diverted by the Iraq War, Robert Mugabe's repressive ways escalated unchecked. Fergal Keane reveals the extent of the regime's tyranny and asks whether the final push to remove it has begun.

JUNE 8 2003

Before Tony Blair and Gordon Brown deliver their verdict on joining the euro, a panel of politicians, journalists and BBC correspondents answer your questions about the single currency.

MAY 22 2003

Panorama investigates the use of protein additives made from the remains of cows and pigs, which are used by some areas of the frozen chicken industry.

MAY 18 2003

Panorama investigates the "neo-conservatives", the small and unelected group of right-wingers, who critics claim have hijacked the White House.

MAY 11 2003

Last year Panorama revealed the dark side of Seroxat, one of the world's favourite anti-depressants. The response was so large it led to a second investigation into the drug.

MAY 9 2003

For Comic Relief, Panorama sets celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson a challenge: create a world-class meal from ingredients bought from some of the world's poorest farmers.

APRIL 27 2003

As Iraq looks forward to an uncertain future, Panorama's Jane Corbin reports from Basra on how the people of Iraq's second city are beginning to shape the future of their city and their broken lives.

APRIL 13 2003

The US led coalition appears to be winning the war in Iraq - but can it now win the peace? The BBC's top correspondents will answer your questions on what could happen after the war is over.

APRIL 6 2003

Panorama tells the story behind the story of the war with Iraq. John Ware investigates how the American and British war strategy has been tested in the heat of battle.

MARCH 30 2003

With coalition forces heading for Baghdad, Panorama gauges public opinion from around the world and puts questions to a special international panel.

MARCH 23 2003

Panorama has been following the opposition to Tony Blair, in the anti-war movement, the Labour Party, and in Parliament and asks if the Prime Minister could lose his job over the Iraq crisis?

MARCH 16 2003

Panorama tells the story of the UK's 'secret war' against al-Qaeda and investigates the highly secretive issue of what the government is planning in the event of a 'catastrophic' terrorist attack.

MARCH 2 2003

Panorama links up audiences in America and the Middle East to debate how to tackle Saddam Hussein.

FEBRUARY 17 2003

As part of the BBC's Hitting Home season, Panorama's Sarah Spiller reports on how perpetrators of domestic violence are brought to justice.

FEBRUARY 16 2003

Panorama's John Ware investigates whether Tony Blair is living up to his pledges on transport.


As the attention of the world is focused on the search for weapons of mass destruction, Panorama goes to Iraq in search of the "smoking gun" that could lead to war.


Panorama gives you the opportunity to quiz the BBC's top correspondents at the end of a crucial week in the Iraq crisis.

JANUARY 26 2003

Panorama asks why, in a political climate dominated by targets and priorities, families caring for disabled children appear to be both forgotten and ignored.

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