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With increasing gun crime UK police often have to match fire with fire, but accidents happen. Panorama investigates recent controversial episodes where police mistakenly shot innocent men.


President Bush has told the CIA to take the gloves off as they embark on the secret - and dirty - War against Terrorism. But can the Agency fight the new enemy without causing the human rights abuses and stirring up the scandals that have clouded its past?

NOVEMBER 25 2001

The British National Party claims it has renounced its past associations with racism, violence and Nazi ideology. Panorama reveals, through the testimony of insiders, a very different story about an organisation which claims to campaign for white rights.

NOVEMBER 18 2001

A report on the dramatic events of the week that changed the war in Afghanistan - John Simpson with the advancing Northern Alliance, William Reeve in embattled Kabul in the last hours under Taleban control.

NOVEMBER 11 2001

With an incubation period of up to 30 years, is the government coming clean about the unknown risk of the human form of mad cow disease being passed on inside our hospitals?


Steve Bradshaw reports on why cannabis extract might soon be available for millions of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, rheumatism, arthritis, acute nerve pain, and perhaps many other conditions.

OCTOBER 28 2001

An investigation into the realities behind the prospects of a terrorist strike using biological weapons.

OCTOBER 21 2001

In a unique global broadcast, David Dimbleby hosts an international debate on the present crisis.

OCTOBER 14 2001

As the US and the UK begin their "War against Terrorism", Vivian White asks British Muslims where they now see their loyalties lie.

OCTOBER 7 2001

John Simpson reports on the harrowing story of Afghanistan and the superpowers' involvement in its recent history.


As Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with America on the road to war, how far are we prepared to go to beat the terrorist?


For three years, Panorama has been investigating Osama Bin Laden. Jane Corbin reports on the Saudi dissident turned terror mastermind.


In a Panorama special, Jane Corbin reports on Osama Bin Laden, the world's most wanted man.

JULY 8 2001

Shelley Jofre reports on a series of disturbing cases that have revealed serious flaws with some fingerprint evidence in Britain. Print identifications which experts have assured the courts were cast iron have been shown conclusively to be flawed.

JULY 1 2001

The boys who killed James Bulger have been released - but are they safe to return to society? Have they really been punished? Can the public ever accept them, or must Jon Venables and Robert Thompson remain forever prisoners of their past?

JUNE 24 2001

Five years after the Bristol heart babies tragedy rocked the medical profession, Panorama asks, can surgeons still keep their results secret and could Bristol happen again?

JUNE 17 2001

In a powerful and revealing film Panorama investigates the role played by Ariel Sharon, the recently elected Israeli prime minister, in the infamous massacre of hundreds of civilians in Lebanon twenty years ago.

JUNE 10 2001

Hundreds of people in Britain are thought to die each year from 'economy class syndrome' - blood clots which form in the leg during long haul flights because of lack of movement.

JUNE 3 2001

John Ware examines the government's record on public services and the economy.

MAY 13 2001

Shelley Jofre reveals that around a million Britons are caught in the tranquilliser trap. GPs are routinely ignoring safety warnings by prescribing pills they knew 20 years ago could cause side effects and addiction.

APRIL 1 2001

As the foot and mouth pyres burn down, Julian Pettifer takes a tough look at the bad habits in our food production and the changes that are inevitable. There'll be even more pain for farmers, but consumers can still expect cheap food and even a more appealing countryside to enjoy.

MARCH 25 2001

Panorama reports on two months unique access to a hard-pressed NHS Hospital. The NHS Plan promises far more money for the NHS - but today's reality for many patients is still long waits in Accident and Emergency and cancelled operations.

MAY 20 2001

Panorama investigates the trail of match fixing in worldwide cricket and follows new evidence pointing to the involvement of organised crime in the game.

MARCH 18 2001

Four months after the worst floods in living memory hundreds of families are still living in temporary accommodation, unable to return to their wrecked homes. Reporter David Lomax investigates what led to the last disaster and why so many communities are likely to be in deep water in the future.

MARCH 11 2001

It is where we send thousands of kids who mug and steal. It's also where many try to kill themselves. Panorama goes inside Feltham's notorious prison for young offenders.

MARCH 4 2001

Following the forced resignation of Peter Mandelson, Panorama investigates the rise to fame of the Hindujas brothers and their connections with British politicians.

FEBRUARY 25 2001

Tom Mangold investigates the international smuggling of rare and exotic animals. It is part of a four billion pound a year racket in the trafficking of protected wildlife - an illegal business which is bigger than arms smuggling, and second only in size to the international smuggling of drugs.

FEBRUARY 11 2001

In a disturbing investigation Jane Corbin reveals the inside story of a global police operation, led by British detectives, to hunt down the members of an international paedophile ring.


John Ware investigates the continuing crisis on Britain's railways - and reveals why the Government's ten year plan to rebuild the railway may be just a dream.

JANUARY 28 2001

More people are trapped in debt than ever before. Panorama hears from families who face bankruptcy and investigates the methods of a growing number of companies who lend to people with poor credit ratings.

JANUARY 21 2001

Gavin Hewitt reports on the Bush dynasty, and reveals how the new man in the White House may affect our lives.

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