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A police detective turned supergrass tells the remarkable story of corruption in the Metropolitan Police's Regional Crime Squad. A tale of policemen engaged in robbery, drug dealing and violence. He talks exclusively of how he and fellow officers became criminals. Then the dramatic change of heart that led him to blow the whistle.

NOVEMBER 26 2000

It is the crime guaranteed to horrify every jury - the sexual abuse of children by the carers entrusted to look after them. But are there men being branded paedophiles and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment for crimes they did not commit?

NOVEMBER 19 2000

A Panorama special reveals what is behind this autumn's weird weather, and how it will affect our lives.

NOVEMBER 12 2000

Reality TV is the social phenomenon of the millennium. Programmes like Big Brother and Survivor have taken the TV schedules by storm on both sides of the Atlantic, but they have also raised disturbing issues about the exploitation of participants.


The Roman Catholic Church in Wales is in turmoil over its second child abuse scandal in two years with a priest yet again receiving a lengthy prison sentence for indecently assaulting children. Phil Parry investigates the background to these cases and the role of the man in charge of the Church, Archbishop John Aloysius Ward.

OCTOBER 29 2000

The number of street muggings in Britain rose by over a quarter last year and most of the victims were children. Panorama reveals the controversial tactics being used by West Midlands Police to crackdown on these young robbers.

OCTOBER 22 2000

The secret story of the Gore v. Bush presidential fight. Negative adverts, allegations of dirty tricks, the involvement of America`s most notorious pornographer - it's all part of this hidden world.

OCTOBER 15 2000

Gap and Nike say their top-selling clothes are made under the strictest ethical codes. Paul Kenyon uncovers some disturbing realities.

OCTOBER 9 2000

Twenty nine people, many of them children, died on a summer Saturday in the worst atrocity of the troubles. Two years on, no one has yet been brought to justice.

OCTOBER 2 2000

Panorama uncovers the controversial British-backed biological weapon that's being developed to destroy the world's heroin drug crops.


The inside stories from the biggest popular protest Tony Blair's ever faced.

JULY 3 2000

With the world still reeling from the Lovebug virus, which infected millions of computers, an investigation into the security of personal information on the Internet.

JUNE 30 2000

Neo-nazi David Copeland launched a a nailbombing campaign in London in 1999, culminating in the bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho which killed three people. In this special investigation Panorama investigates and confronts the right wing extremists who inspired him to do what he he did.

JUNE 26 2000

We're all chucking out more than ever before, but we're about to face attempts to force us to change our ways.

JUNE 20 2000

In a special investigation, Panorama goes undercover with English supporters at Euro 2000.

JUNE 19 2000

Undercover investigation into the criminals who send gangs of illegal workers to companies that supply some of our biggest supermarket chains.

JUNE 5 2000

It's the golden retirement dream - leave work early and live it up on a generous occupational pension. And many people have managed to make that dream a reality. But now companies are changing the rules and calling time on the pensions party.

MAY 22 2000

Anxiety is gripping millions of homeowners as the hear that they could be thousands of pounds short of paying off their endowment-linked mortgage. David Lomax reveals how companies which pushed endowments in the past, are now giving bad advice on how to deal with the shortfall.

MAY 15 2000

The impending auction of football's TV rights will result in a two billion pound bonanza for the beautiful game. The competing TV companies are promising better coverage than ever before but there's a cost for both the fans and football itself.

APRIL 17 2000

Fergal Keane investigates the fastest growing AIDS epidemic in the world. Four million South Africans are already HIV positive. 1700 more are infected everyday.

APRIL 10 2000

The prescription of psychiatric drugs to young children has rocketed in the last few years. Drugs such as Ritalin and Prozac are being increasingly used to treat what psychiatrists argue are recognised behavioural disorders. There is growing concern on both sides of the Atlantic that pills are now being used as a substitute for good parenting.

APRIL 3 2000

As Dot Com fever sweeps through Britain, Panorama investigates the internet phenomenon that is becoming Britain's millennium gold rush.

MARCH 27 2000

Two companies, British Nuclear Fuels - who've been found guilty of "systematic management failure", and Lockheed Martin - officially criticised over safety at several American sites, are part of the new consortium at Aldermaston.

MARCH 20 2000

In Cheshire an ICI toxic dump has poisoned a village. In London and the South East thousands of new homes are being built on polluted land. The Government promises that most of the new houses Britain needs will be built on recycled land. But how safe are we from the legacy of industrial contamination?

MARCH 13 2000

Almost every day, government press releases claim to be spending "extra" money, "new" money, or handing out a cash "boost". But- did you know that "new", "extra", and "boosts", no longer quite mean what they say?


Gerry Conlon, one of the Guildford Four, speaks out about the growing number of innocent people wrongly accused of serious crimes. Panorama reveals that the law to clarify what should be disclosed, has made the situation worse.

FEBRUARY 28 2000

New Labour's tasken a bruising over its handling of New Britain. Tony Blair's top man in Wales has been dumped, the contest to be Mayor of London has left No 10 looking severly embarrassed, and support in Scotland is under threat.

FEBRUARY 21 2000

Investigation into Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool where the organs of 850 children were kept in pots on laboratory shelves - for years.

FEBRUARY 14 2000

The most dangerous child killer in Britain is the motorist. The death toll could be substantially cut if cars in residential streets were forced to slow down.


Britain attracts 6,000 asylum seekers every month. From April 2000 the Government is cutting cash benefits to asylum seekers and launching a massive programme to relocate them from out of the South East to all over Britain.

JANUARY 24 2000

Women who try to combine fulltime jobs with bringing up children are giving up the struggle. New evidence suggests that the children of working mothers may suffer too if their parents try to "have it all".

JANUARY 17 2000

Investigation into Paramedics. Panorama uncovers evidence of poor training, lack of skills and chaotic organisation, which are costing thousands of lives every year.

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