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Page last updated at 17:16 GMT, Monday, 28 July 2008 18:16 UK

Your videos on filling up

In Can We Afford to Fill Up? Panorama reports on how high fuel prices are affecting all of us and takes a look at what alternatives there might be to help us kick our oil addiction.

Panorama teamed up with Video Nation to see just how wide-reaching these effects are:

Dipti Tait fell victim to fuel theft. The thieves had cut a hole in her car's petrol tank to get at the fuel - drastic action which has made her rethink her transport options.

Nick Bellas has been running his mobile butcher's shop for 40 years, but now he says rising fuel prices and tax costs are hitting him hard.

Edward Bull is self-employed. He says his car is not only necessary for his work, but is also his pride and joy. However, he may now be forced to swap it for something cheaper to run.

Tips on saving pounds at the pump
27 Jul 08 |  Panorama


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