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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 October 2007, 11:08 GMT 12:08 UK
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These disclosures on the Panorama programme are very disturbing though sadly not surprising. Lord Coe should imediately investigate these alegations and make a report, otherwise what is his purpose?
Stephen Tagg, Burnley, Lancashire

Brilliant programme, FIFA and UEFA should face independent enquires into corruption. They are both biased against England and English football, and what's Lord Coe hiding.
Paul, Manchester, England

Apart from money why on earth does England demean itself by bidding for the World Cup when they know the results of the bidding are rigged by corrupt officials from Europe and the rest of the World.
Alan Mills, Northwich, England

I must say well done to the BBC for last nights programme on corruption in the highest echelons of FIFA & football. It has long been apparent that football is not run for the good of the game the supporter or even for the clubs & teams but for the fat cats at the top. It strikes me that even though everybody knows that there are several criminals running "our" game there simply is not the inclination to see any major changes by those that maybe hold the real power ie the politicians & the courts.
Richard Smith, Bollington, England

FIFA made a settlement of 91m with Mastercard? No, it's mugs like us that pay to watch football that paid Mastercard. The suits haven't paid anything, they've only got to ensure that the trough is replenished so that they can dip in their snouts - again and again and again. Who on earth called it The Beautiful Game?
Malcolm Hamling, Brecon, Wales

At a time when there's talk of cuts needed at the BBC it was extremely painful to sit through Panorama tonight with all its glitzy, hi-tech, drunken cameraman effects. This was a subject I would normally be very interested in, but the distraction created by the myriad of blurred camera shots, fake sportswear store racks, fake Panini cards and ultra-clever soccer balls flashing accross the screen etc., etc. made me switch off. These graphic people don't HAVE to dominate a serious programme - did Richard Dimbleby need it? Are you trying to wean viewers from Big Brother or Coronation Street or are you presenting serious issues seriously? It was dire and more than a little sad.
Norman Turpin, Caterham UK

John Mcbeth was slammed for saying that everyone hates England yet Jack Warner stated this earlier this year and not a word was said. All the other countries, especially small ones, resent the fact that the four home nations have a vote and will do anything to take it away. England should get the 2018 World Cup as it is the most popular league in the world and is miles ahead in stadia as well as being the spiritual home of football. Golf still visits Scotland for the Open regularly because of its history. Unfortunately, I fear that the people at the top of FIFA are so corrupt that this will not happen.
David Raphel, Glasgow, Scotland

FIFA Corruption? - Yet another eye-opener from the Panorama team - Well done. It would seem FIFA executives, and a number of their National representatives, continue to disregard the law with impunity. You must have collected an extraordinary amount of evidence against such officials over several episodes you've broadcast on this subject. Is it not time arrests where made and criminal charges brought? Our government should constitute a new body, tasked to license and regulate professional football in the UK totally independent of FIFA.
TS, Norwich, UK

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