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Last Updated: Friday, 5 January 2007, 14:38 GMT
Is TV Bad For My Kids? Your Comments
A selection of your comments on this programme have been published below.

After watching the programme last night I found the results rather confusing to say the least, as it seemed that all the case studies aired the children involved there was more than one child in each family.
We do ourselves use the TV and computer to calm our son down, and also to give us a bit of a break, but the studies shown did not really show how a single child got, on as all the ones aired had brothers or sisters to play with, which in many ways made it easier to get over the fact that there was not tv or games consoles
Interested to know your thoughts
Jonathon, Herts

The programme about giving up TV for a week is excellent, it highlights TV addiction and its negative impact on childrens' behaviour and also adult due to their addiction to the box.
There have been numerous studies, but the media for whatever reasons have not published or publicised such studies. I think BBC is right in informing people about the idiot box through this experiment.
Dr. M.I.Patel, Surrey, UK

The idea of stopping kids from watching TV is an excellent one, but the programme's experiment worked becuase the children did not have any option but to play with other people in the house.
The national one week experiment is not the same test at all because the television is still in the house and will therefore be a constant source of arguement if the watching of it is banned.
We have already experienced this in our house this morning.
Natalie, Oakham

The programme "Is TV bad for children" on Panorama today was quite interesting and I said yes, too much of it is BAD for everyone and not just the children.Watching some of those families was like a mirror image. Although we made some rules in our house weekdays ''no TV in the morning's'' as a result of that my son was getting up at 5am while everyone is in bed to watch the TV.
Selfishly as parents you have more control over your children with those powerfull tool's.
Surely there most be more to family life than TV and computer games!!
Turn back the clock and bring back the good old radio days.
Abigail, Surrey

I watched your programme Is tv bad for my kids? with interest. Finally a programme looking at the effects of tv and computer games on children's learning.
The show concluded by saying that the impact had been seen more at home as families than in the classroom. As a teacher I see any changes which take place at home influence the child within the classroom.
In my opinion the length of time that this experiment ran simply was not long enough. A month would have been more valuable. This would have allowed the changes made in the individual families take hold and perhaps the effects would have been more noticeable within the classroom.
Sadly disappointing.
SC, Scotland

Tonight's programme was "Is TV Bad for My Kids". It wasn't TV which was the problem for these kids, but bad parenting. TV in moderation with proper content monitoring by parents is fine and can assist children with their learning.
Why do programmes like Panorama have to turn an issue "tabloid" instead of addressing it maturely and detailed. Panorama is not the informative balanced programme it used to be.
Mary Richards, Croydon

I watched your programme with interest.
We did not have a television until the children were five and six years old. We also limited the times in the year when the TV was accessible: at Easter every year the TV went into the attic and reappeared in September/October when the evenings started to get longer.
At 14 and 13 our children do watch the TV, but they seem to be able to self-limit and are selective about what they watch. They are also more critical about the programmes they view, and will engage in analysis about programmes and the content.
Whilst I have a great deal of sympathy for parents who both work, or are under other pressures, I believe that the TV can be harmful when used as a "babysitter" - parents can use it as an excuse not to engage with their children, and avoid spending quality time enjoying their kids company.
Mandie, North Yorkshire

I am currently watching is tv bad for your kids and i've got to say i do not agree with anything! My maths is incredible! I am in top set, top half and I outsmarted the teacher once. The only reason I can spell dynamic is because of pokemon. Hooverville, Doctor Who.
While some people can't be separated from it, some people get many advantages from it. It has educated me!
If you complain about kids playing violent games on the PS2, better on the TV then on the streets. Some games help you grow smarter.
Yes, I'm 12.
Andrew, Berks

I am absolutely disgusted with tonights Panorama.
Making a so called documentary about how bad TV is for your kids for TV!!
How hypocritical.
Does Jeremy Vine stop his kids from watching TV.
The mother has said her daughter would at times rather watch TV than eat her dinner, the next thing is how fat are our kids getting.
This programme is a complete waste of time and license payers money. I am totally disgusted.
Surely TV is a learning curve for our kids provided they are allowed to watch suitable TV and this is what the programme should be about, parents reponsibility to what their children watch, not taking it away from them.
Miss Bridget Watts, England

I believe the latest drive to reduce children's reliance on "potted" entertainment to be a good step in the right direction. Unfortunately our society is not being exercised in mind or body, in the way in which previous generations have done. For my own part, there are some three hours of TV that appeals to me directly; this is being undermined by poor transmission, and so, when the county goes digital, I for one will not be buying a set-top box, and I therefore will stop paying any TV licence. It really is too expensive a luxury to waste money on such trivia anymore. Best Wishes, in your endeavours, Raymond Forward
Raymond, Cornwall

I found your TV programme last Night about the removal of TV's and playstations very interesting - several points need to be made I think
Why are the parents allowing kids to use the technology in such away - most parents do not seem to understnad the technology that the kids do. One point I would like to make is part of this issue why also do parents continue to allow kids to play rated games that are high than the children playing them. This does seem to be a national issue,the games industry can not take the blame for bad parenting. TV's in childrens bedrooms, well the parents put them in the room in the first place so how can you have a 9pm watershed if the kids can turn on the tv in the room.
To hear kids being blamed by parents that they are behaving differently because of a tv - well thats rubbish - you give a tv to any child or a video game it will play it. The parents are at fault here for allowing the technology to be made easy access to cover to bad parenting, tv and video gaming seems to be an easy cope out for getting the kids to do what they want - I have to say well done to panorama for addressing this issue. I would like to see the issue of ratings being ignored by parents dealt with because you see it all the time - that movie or video game made my child do this or that - maybe the games industry should start sueing parents that expose kids to over rated games
A.J.Owens, Cambridge

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