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Last Updated: Sunday, 31 July 2005, 22:02 GMT 23:02 UK
Carl Holmes

Carl Holmes

Carl is 19 years old. He is currently serving five years in jail for false imprisonment and conspiracy to grievous bodily harm.

He says it was his reputation that first led him to be involved with violence.

"I was associated with violence from my older brother and I just stepped up and took the reputation that was handed down to me."

For Carl respect played a big part in the violence.

"Everything's about respect. If you show someone respect, you expect to be respected back but if someone don't respect you and they keep disrespecting you and you don't do nothing about it, other people think they can disrespect you as well."

The punishment for disrespect can be severe. When someone conned his friend out of eighty pounds, the gang subjected the victim to sixteen hours of torture.

"There was older lads there and I just wanted to show them that I could be in with their type of group so I think it was partly to big up my reputation."

He says that at the time he didn't feel anything for the victim but that this felt strange after the event.

"It does cos even the next day I thought 'That guy didn't deserve that'."

Watch a clip from Carl Holmes' interview with Panorama


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