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Last Updated: Sunday, 31 July, 2005, 21:55 GMT 22:55 UK
Brian Morrison

Brian Morrison

Brian is 18 years old. He is serving four years for a serious assault. He told Panorama that he had stabbed five people. His last victim was stabbed after an argument about not getting served in a kebab shop. The man wasn't even involved in the dispute. It was completely unprovoked. He says

"Obviously it's all my fault going about carrying knives. Some of the people deserved it, some of them didn't. And the ones that didn't, I'm sorry about it now, you know what I mean, but there's nothing I can do about it now."

He admitted to reporter Shelley Joffre that he didn't feel particularly bothered by what he had done:

"In a way I can't make something bother me that doesn't, you know what I mean. Like stabbing somebody; like the person that I stabbed, now I wish I didn't do it, so I wasn't in jail. His family probably feel a bit, 'oh no something happened to him' but he's alive, he's walking about, he's probably not, can't do nothing now that he never used to be able to do, I've not stopped him from doing anything. There's nothing the matter with him, a wee scar."

Brian Morrison grew up in the west of Scotland, where knife violence has been part of the culture for generations. There are three and a half times more stabbings here than anywhere else in Britain.

"I would carry a knife every day. Or sometimes not even a knife, sometimes anything sharp, anything that I thought would stick in somebody I would carry it. I wouldn't give it a second thought. When I was getting ready to go out somewhere, I would get in a shower, get my clothes and that on, get my money, and then knife. And then I'd go and get my knife or something like sharp, and I'd always make sure it was a big one. I would never take out a wee one."

He initially claimed in his interview that he carried a knife for his own protection but later admitted that

"It's for both. It's for both ways. It's for in case somebody pulls a knife out on you, you've got one as well so. Aye I know. But it's for both ways. It's if you're raging at somebody and you loss your temper and you can go and stab them if you want. Or if somebody pulls a knife out on you, you've already got one there to protect yourself with. It's kinda both."

Watch a clip from Brian Morrison's interview with Panorama


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