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Your comments on "A Panorama special - London under attack", first broadcast on Sunday 10 July 2005 at 22:15 BST.

Due to the high number of e-mails we get we cannot guarantee to publish every single message we receive, however the e-mails published will reflect the balance of opinion. We may also edit some e-mails for legal reasons and for purposes of clarity and length.

The views expressed on these pages are not necessarily the views of the BBC. The e-mails published will be reflective of the balance of opinion received.

The bombings are no more representative of Islam than the crusades were of Christianity, but these people are Muslims, and terrorism is an issue that Islam has to address. Saying this is nothing to do with Islam is a lie, and as long as the lie stands nothing will be done to tackle this unacceptable face of Islam.
Paul, Hereford

I have always feared that al-Qaeda were operating in London and tonight's programme has shown how easy it for them to do so what looks like quite legally. Peter Taylor's investigation has shown how easy it is for them, I am very surprised that a cleric was allowed to preach in the street about heads rolling and encouraging the killing of British troops. I hope that the Government watch the programme and action is taken on some of the facts found by Peter Taylor during his investigation. Al-Qaeda is an evil organisation which has to be put out of action in the United Kingdom. Physical scars will heal for those who have survived this evil attack in London but mental scars will take a lot longer if ever to heal.
Steve Fuller, Hove, East Sussex, England

I was appalled with the ease in which these extremists could operate in London. Many in the programme actively involved themselves in either the propogation of the 'ideology of murder' or actively engaged in recruitment. I am a member of a minority community and the state does me no favours by not deporting, imprisoning or prosecuting them. It will be no surprise if the political opinion shifts to the far right in the face of such government impotence. The government should not play vote bank politics. It is sad that the muslim community does not condemn the incident without any caveats, hesitation, or without linking the incident to Palestine, Kashmir etc. It only helps to doubt the genuineness of their statments of condemnation.
Leo K, Durham, UK

I am a devout Muslim who was born in this country. I was extremely saddened by what happened on Thursday. But this sadness is just an extension of the pain I and other Muslims feel daily, for the thousands of innocent Muslim civilians killed or maimed in the past year. Although I would never let this pain lead me to commit such evil that took place on Thursday myself, I cannot guarantee the same for the millions of Muslims living in this country and around the world.

I personally think that some responsibility for this disaster has to be taken by those responsible for sending this country to Iraq. Whatever the justifications, the rights and wrongs, the methods of the war, how can they expect to kill tens of 1000s of innocent civilians in Iraq and not expect some sort of reaction, however perverse? I pray sincerely for the cycle of attacks to end.
Mujahid Aziz, Birmingham, United Kingdom

The programme told us that UK passport holders were joining the jihad and that they may bomb in this country. But the only quotes you sought from Muslims were to blame Blair for Iraq. You didn't ask them to admit that they share mosques with would be terrorists. You didn't ask them why they don't identify those jihadis to the police. You didn't ask them why fatwas were not being issued to inform the jihadis of their error in thinking that they would die as martyrs.
Danni, Leeds, England

A very disappointing piece of propaganda against innocent Muslim people. What about the mass market for games, simulating the 'greatness' of warfare, with the aim to recruit soldiers to be send into unjust wars to slaughter and torture innocent people. I as a Westerner am deeply ashamed of the way our media and politicians is reacting to such devastating events.
Sebastian, London

Am I the only person who failed to see the point of tonight¿s programme? Using unrelated to each other, wholly-unconnected, old video clips with speculative voiceover and adding allegations from some American military officers together with general claims of anti-terror police officers proved what exactly? Out of all 'Panorama' programmes I watched with great interest and amazement, this is the first time I felt that it was a waste of time spared for a truly souless and almost as a rushed programme without single new information. Shame.
Dr Ethan Bayer, Baltimore, USA

Is this really all the BBC and Peter Taylor can come up with after one year of investigations? To me it looked like a programme that was cobbled together in reaction to the bombings in London.

Was there really anything newsworthy in the 55 minutes of programme time? Did we really have to be told what it feels like to be close to a bomb and survive? What was the point of having an al-Qaeda member state on camera that al-Qaeda used to like to come to London because they didn't need papers? Are we supposed to think that the identification cards can't come soon enough? Even Charles Clarke admitted that ID cards wouldn't have made a difference to the attacks in London. And finally, the news that al-Qaeda members actually look like your Muslim next-door neighbour. What a surprise. Is this a preparation for more unjustified police actions against British citizens who have the wrong colour? Very disappointed, BBC.
Susan S, Manchester

I wanted to ask Peter Taylor if there was any way in which extremist websites that show how to make bombs and aquire weapons, can be shutdown in any way. Without access to the internet it would be very difficult for the potential terrorist to communicate. Isn't it illegal for these websites to operate in the first place?
Chris F J Cyrnik, Great Britain

I feel quite angry after watching your show this evening. I think the muslim community has a responsibility do more within their communities to uncover those who would carry out terrorist acts. I've heard anger, dismay, fear and sympathy but I haven't heard a clear call to action from the muslim leaders to seek out those who are in support of a violent jihad.
Michael Price, UK

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